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Extreme Allergies

I have a very bad allergy to the evil creature CATS. Yesterday, I went for lunch in a pub which had a reputation for very good food. They had a cat wandering around the pub, totally against Health Policy where food is served. The evil creature came towards me and I, strongly shooed it away. The Landlady took exception and I told her I hated cats and was very allergic to them. She said I should just have got up and walked away. I thought pubs were for humans not vermin.

I have reported this pub to the local Council Environment Dept who said that no animals should be in areas where food is served.

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I worked in a pub many years ago where the cat used to wander all over the kitchen surfaces nosing at food and if food got dropped in kitchen would be straight over before it got lifted back onto plates. Needless to say pub has been shut down now!


I don't have an allergy to cats and I don't hate them - but I hate the things they do!!!

Can anyone tell me why people rarely have one cat - it's always two or three or with both of our neighbours 4!!!

We had a dog who died recently. He had a job and was very good at it - keeping cats out of the garden. Since he's gone I' have dead mice and baby birds left on my door step nearly every morning. When I went to plant out my leeks the cats had been using my newly prepared soil as a toilet and as I don't wear rubber gloves you can imagine I wan't very happy! The other (rainy) day I inadvertently left the laundry door open while I was out shopping one of the little charmers had made a bed on my clean laundry in the laundry basket - my neighbour thought it was hilarious. And as for the car - it is constantly covered in cat foot prints all over the bonnet and roof.

I'm seriously thinking of taking up shooting as a hobby!


On the other hand I have no allergy to cats but dogs are serious trouble. I have lost count of the numerous times I have been berated and had to leave places because dog owners seem to think they have some god given right to take their pooches into hotels, shops not selling food, onto trains etc, I am considered to be rude and obnoxious because half way though my meal I have to request the great dane is removed or Miss Tiddlies terrier is taken out. Dog owners also don't seem to mind if their pooch comes and licks my hand of sniffs around my skirt I am so allergic even this will provoke an severe reaction, and when I politely request they move their anaphylaxis on a lead I usually get abuse!



Hail GornFishing!

As a lover of cats I feel very sorry for the poor land lady, trying to make ends meet by turning to the food industry to prop up her act in her pub – having suffered the hideous smoking ban, and general decline in drinking out since the supermarkets have made available such a wide variety of wines, spirits and beers at temptingly affordable prices creating the new habit of ‘staying in’ for a drink!

However from the perspective of health & safety, and especially ours, GornFishing’s protest must be applauded!!!

I do have the slightest reaction to cats too, but some dogs can leave me doing the begging instead of them, as I too, like Bex, can have the most vicious reaction to them –turning me from a mild asthmatic to one almost fighting for life!

I still love them though but would label ‘Allergies’ and ‘Asthma’ as the great axis of evil instead.



X-Treme allergies

Get the Following pets then no Allergies..worked 4 me

CATS Ginger cats dont Produce stuff from Saliva as common Cats do...Nearly Murdered my Husband when he brought home Mrmalade and his Brother Gerry{Neoritic}as he is....but NEVER HAVE ALLERGIC REACTION 2 them....

but B&W,Tabbys etc,{Long/Short Haired Kill me} and need Antihistamines and Nazel sprays//

DOGS: go for Schnauzers,Poodles,West Highland Terriers,And Breeds Mixed with all safe for Asthma/Allergy Sufferes...

Mum and Dad own 2 X Minuture Schnauzers called Milo and Misty....


hey dont have much of a problem with cats however dogs is another matter, it annoys me when people walkin their dogs let them get so close to you even when you make a point of moving about a metre away!! im pretty sure that cats shouldnt be allowed in a pub serving food .

luv tinx xx


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