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Big Brother

I have just put the telly on and caught my first glance at this year's BB and had a bit of a surprise. I saw Carole Malone is in there. I've been in hospital with her mother so many times and had lots of conversations with Carole. now i know that 'celebrity BB' uses the term 'celebrity' rather loosely, but i had no idea carole even fitted into c4's definition of the word. i knew she was a journalist of somekind, but actually had to look her up on the c4 website to find out why she actually qualifies to be in the house.

i can tell you, she is a very feisty lady - can be lovely and friendly, but certainly will let you know if she's not happy.


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seen that already becky when she told dirk that jade was what you consider mantally sub normal!! then had the two faced cheek to comfort her a bit later when her mum had been kicked out!! very two faced!! typical journalist!!


Wow, Becky, you could sell that story to the Sun I'm sure!

Speaking as a junior doctor Carole Malone would be my idea of a nightmare relative... I'm sure she didn't let her mum's medical team miss a trick! Did the poor SHO ever get to go home?

I'm ashamed to say I have been watching Celeb BB avidly this year.... I really need to get a job! In fact I'm watching it right now, am very much enjoying Leo's tantrums.

Yours tragically



let's just say she was very vocal. unfortunately her mum, pat, died when we were both in hospital in october, but i remember carole making a *lot* of noise when she found out pat had been put on lorazepam. it was to make pat more comfortable and settled as she was getting quite upset and unable to settle, but carole kept saying things like,""my mum's not mad. this kind of drug is completely inappropriate! i want to see the nurse in charge! i want to see the doctor who has prescribed this!"". yes, none of it was very private for poor old pat, though i know it was because carole was understandably upset about her mother's condition and prognosis. i think she felt bad too because she lived so far away from her mum, and although she came whenever she could, she wasn't just on the doorstep.

anyway, that's my claim to fame ... and short-lived now that she's been voted out of the BB house.


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