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asthma uk holidays

can someone give me the contact details of the asthma holidays for kids my aunty wants to send her son, and also my sister and i want to go my sister went on one a year or so ago but we could not go last year due to family problems and health. and due to moving in with my aunty i cannot find the information i had sent me last year. i just cannot find the details anywhere on the main site thanks for your help and also what is the upper age limit.


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The holidays are called Kick Asthma Holidays and the contact details are as follows

Patrick Ladbury pladbury@asthma.org.uk

Or check out these web sites for more info



(copy & paste into your browser - delete any gaps that apear - sorry don't know how to make tiny urls!)

Upper age limit is 17 yrs but the kids are divided up into 6-11 and 12 - 17 yrs

The holidays are great fun - I have been a volunteer since 2000!



I've tiny-ified your URLs, Kate!

Just go to tinyurl.com and paste your long link into the box; then use the new tiny link that they generate instead!


thank you both, sorry for not getting back to thank you sooner been else where, does anyone also know if you use a wheel chair are these holidays OK??



That depends.

If they're using the whelchair to help with asthma-related mobility problems (for example, because they can't manage long walks) then that would be fine.

If, on the other hand, they can't make it up and down stairs (for example), then no - sorry! The venues used do not have the facilities for wheelchairs to be used all the time.


peaksteve thank you yes it would be just for mobility they can do stares slowly

thanks spider!


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