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do lungs get stronger with exercise

I have spent 7 years walking with a crutch/crutches with OA in joints,hip ,knees and ankle problems and operations and casting and got discharged from hospital before christmas and yey! got rid of my crutches.

I really want to start back the gym and swimming and yoga ,but a little scared to go as not been since started with asthma and not know my triggers other than cold weather and infections.

Im a little scared incase have a bad attack that flairs my lungs up for weeks but by starting slow and gradual build up hope will be ok.

So would like to know if this will help my lung capacity and improve my asthma and if exercise is a trigger in time with a slow build up will that improve.

love to here how you go on and ready to fight another battle after my 7 year one to strengthen my joints and muscles and now take control of my asthma.

love Glynis

edit( 2010 is a new beginning and so happy no more crutches)

edit ( just been on google and if you get any benefits you can get a recreational key to help pay for swimming etc) sadly I dont qualify

edit ( also Exercise in the community is free so ask gp or pm me for phone number as not sure if can put it on here)

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For some people with asthma excercise is a trigger but not for others, you may also find that sometimes excercise sets you off and others time you'll feel you could run a marathon. Firstly if you're going to excercise avoid any known triggers, cold air for example brings on your asthma so choose an activity thats indoors rather than outside in cold air. Always take your inhaler before your start and make sure you warm up properly. As well as stretching your muslces, the warm-up needs to get your heart pumping to raise your pulse, so stretching alone isn't enough. Start of gently as well, if you haven't excercised in a while you can't expect to jump staright on a treadmill and run flat out for an hour, start with something gentle. Swimming is great as firstly it's not weight bearing so will be good for the OA, and as the water is warm and humid your less likely to have problems with your asthma.

If you do start to build up your excercise tolerance, you may see an improvement in your asthma. It improves heart-lung capacity as well as a load of other things, but there all on the AUK page -

Good luck!


hi Glynis,

i do a lo tof exercise and yes it can be a trigger for me, i t comes it two ways,

sometimes just as i start exercising, and others usually on my way home after,

i take my inhaler before i startand have it handy,

my main sport is kayaking, so as pockets are not accessable i have a Puffa Pouch. like a wet suit for my inhaler and it is attached to my Bouyancy aid, keep your inhaler handy,

alos if going to a gym or swimming, let gym staff or life guards know you have asthma and they will keep an eye on you,

good luck with the get healthy scheme, i am trying to loose 1 1/2 stone this year,

george xx


I find the air conditioning at the gym a problem, so no longer go, also tend to be a place in winter where you come into contact with lots of people with bugs, and as you are working out your body becomes stressed, making it more susceptible to catching colds yourself, so make sure you stay hydrated, even if you go swimming, you still need to drink.

Go for gentle walks with friends out doors is probably the best option to start with, and swimming, but do watch chlorine, if you can smell it...leave.


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