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Extreme Dreams - the Asthma version

I have been watching Extreme Dreams with Ben Foogle on Beeb2 and I was thinking he should do one with Brittles. I can just see him now:

""As I take the team on the challenge of a life time a walk across the park, we will face pollen, cold air and the constant threat of tobacco smoke as we make our way across the park""

So what do you think extreme asthma dreams anyone?


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could try a walk through a hospital - air freshner, ciggie smoke at the entrances, flowers, lots of stairs, lab fumes, xray fumes, latex etc etc


What about a walk through Boots the chemist to collect your script, through the door past the perfume counter up the smellies isle, and at all the while having to walk past people who have bathed in their perfume.


one little cat can cause a huge amount of allergen, so imagine what being close to all those lions and tigers in africa would be like! :>


Cleaning under my hall rugs! they have latex backing! LOL!

Itch wheeze Itch Wheeze .

How about a rampage through a rape field???

I thought it was brilliant - may apply for the next series! am I bonkers??? I do rather like Ben Fogle!

Beyond boundaries is good too but too many people on the team & too much bickering .... I was going to apply for that one but it was done when I was in the Falklands!


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