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Its all Preds fault

I have been thinking that all the problems ever are probably due to pred. I mean the Wars of the Roses: red and white rose what they really meant was enteric and non-enteric coated pred. Bubonic plague: those red bubos were in fact some dizzy asthmatic who had tipped her pred in her bed and the little pills stuck to her. The Great fire of London: poor chap had just been diagnosed with a wheat allergy and put on pred he had a pred head it was not his fault. Sinking of the titanic: it hit a giant non-enteric coated pred tablet. The dinosaurs were wiped out by a pred pill falling from the sky and causing brittle bones. Aztecs wiped out cos they found a bottle of pred and all got stomach ulcers. Eve did not eat an apple she took a pred pill and got all emotional.

See pred is responsible for all the ills of the earth.


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Lol. Love it. So xx


Pred head definitely cause of evil!

Do you think missing weapons of mass destruction were actually dissolvable pred tablets that got wet????

E numbers in pred and observed emotional states also responsible for smarties being ruined by being made hyperactive kid friendly by removing e numbers BOO!


Would it be stretching things a bit to blame Liverpool FC on pred as well-not that I am biased against them in any way whatsoever of course!


Bluejam, what colour do Liverpool play in yepp red maybe we should call them liverpred FC.



I Like it Bex!

I try to blame everthing on pred! So does my GP which is a bit scarey sometimes!

I Hope the fleas haven't found my stash of pred.... . thinking of which, not seen them recently.

Road work cones must be made of pred! The cause of much chaos on the roads!



Completely agree pred is evil and does have responsibility for everything bad ..... but bringing L'pool into it?

Im heartbroken, what have my beautiful boys done to deserve this?!

Surely Arsenal should get the blame


Preds are responsible for Bush, Thatcher, Rayguns, Nixon, the French, England winning nothing since 1966, Jeremy Clarkson, Jamie Oliver, Big Brother and all those reality TV shows. CATS, pollen, CCTV or Chav Chelsea Tractor Vehicles, Destruction of High Streets by Supermarkets and out of Town Shopping Centres.


:o) How can pred be blamed for Jeremy Clarkson- thought we were only blaming pred for the bad things in life!!


Pred is responsible for me tonight for putting £60 of petrol into a diesel fuelled engine. Even better had ‘remembered’ to use my 5p off per litre fuel – last valid day- voucher as a saving. LOL! (Sine qua non, NOT)

Another good reason to try and reduce maintenance dose forget- me – not Frankenstein fuelled tablets.

(AA, plus sister based ‘you made a mistake but we will put it right’ fuel exchange company are the best, especially when dealing with nebbing, trying to stay calm, ‘I have to be somewhere else in a certain time’ type personality person.)



Just wondering whether pred is responsible for for crazy gas prices ... :)


Can you suffer from ""secondary predding"" - like secondary smoking? If you can, then, as I don't use preds but my best friend does, then I can blame them for putting todays washing in the dirty laundry basket after taking it out of the washing machine, for blaming the printer for not printing out the supermarket delivery confirmation when I hadnt booked a delivery, for smashing a milk jug whilst trying to show off with silly slurping coffee machine noises on a teleconference call, for leaving my train tickets in the taxi that took me to the station (and only 200 miles from home) and for byd taping.




I fear secondary predding is what those around the pred taker has to put up with as far as im concerned!!!

Hubby and kids have to tolerate all kind of extreme mood swings, food fads, sleeplessness/ extreme tiredness all increasing with higher doses (currently on 60mg so they suffering big time!!)

can i also blame the lousy weather on it too please!!!


I am led to believe by my DH that symptoms of secondary predding include the following -

Exhaustion due to being kept up all night be the pred head sufferer

Extreme sesame street moments ie lots of counting to 12 after stupid repeated conversations.

Inability to follow normal adult conversations as you become used to tuning out drivel as the pred headed one leaps from topic to topic manicly with no logic whatsoever.

He has given me more to list but as i am pred headed i can't remember them.....


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