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Go ape

Just wondering if Anyones ever been to, or just watched anyone else at go ape before!wondering what it's like ! Two of my close friends want to go as like their joint birthday celebrations a group of us would be going but I'm really unsure it's something I would be able to do and just wondering what anyone who's been or seen thinks of it ! I'm pretty much decided I won't be going although I can go and watch ! Wondering how much I'll see if I'm watching !! Thanks xx

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I went two year ago for a 'sten' do and it was amazing. Hardest bit for me was the cargo net that you can't avoid but there are very nice people on the ground that watch you struggle and then hoist you up! You are also allowed two people on every platform so if you went between two of your friend they could keep a close eye on you. I would say it depends on your level of physical endurance right now. The hardest bits were as I asaid the cargo net and the initial ladder up to each level but you are attached with karibinas the whole time so could stop on the ladder and lean back if you needed to. the rest if more about coordination and exhilaration, like, can I walk from this tree to that 50ft of the ground over a shaky bridge with holes?

There are five levels and you can pick and choose what you do, most of the levels have hard and easy choices at dofferent points too.


Thanks so much for your reply nickynoo it's nice to hear from someone who has been

I sten do now thats interesting

In terms of Physical fitness I'm not great I used to participate a small amount in pe when I was at school and then we used to go the college gym one night a week for about an hour which was ok because it would just be my friends most of the time so I could get Way with doing a couple of things for a short amount of time at my own pace however nowadays (last 18months At least) I'm not really up to much !! In my last year at college thinks got worse I'm not great with lots of stAirs

Ok I'm rambling now but what I'm tryig to say is I'm using this as I guide to deciding how physically I can manage lol basically think it might be to much but I've a while to think About it ! The whole think about bein between two friends would be ok but I'm not sure my best friend who's great about it because her mum has asthma is going to be coming with us as and the others arent to understNding which may contribute to the decision !! Haha And as for coordination I'm awful and I'm clumsy lol

Babbled on for far too long all in all thanks for tour advice given me alot to think about

Thanks x


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