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Game Quiz

1 What classic board game has a banker, properties that you buy and sell and a go directly to jail do not pass go card?

2 What classic board game uses the letter tiles to make words and has a scoring system using “triple letter score” and “double letter score”?

3 Who makes the play station?

4 What does the letters “DS” stand for in Nintendo DS?

5 What does “GBA” stand for?

6 What simple card game requires you to match two cards the same then shout out a simple word?

7 What are card games called that require only one player?

8 What board game features a King, a castle and a Queen?

9 How many dominoes are there in a full box?

10 How many playing cards are there in a full pack including two Jokers?

11 What game involves players acting out the name of a book, film, or tv programme?

12What is the name of the game you have to remove a brick from a tower of bricks without it falling?

13What modern board game do you answer quiz questions in order to earn coloured triangular pieces, sometimes called pieces of cheese?

14 What does PSP stand for?

15 How many squares are there on a chess board?

16 How many counters do you need in draughts to make a King?

17 What board game includes a card which says “start by sending your opponent back to the start”?

18 What is the name of the electronic game found in arcades which you have to pull back a spring to shoot a metal ball and use flippers to stop it falling through a gap?

19 How many black counters are there in draughts?

20 What board game do you have mice who have to travel round an obstacle course and not get caught to earn the piece of cheese at the end?

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Okay, I'm going to have to give in and have a go at one of these quizzes... thought this one was a better bet than sports or films! I have a mother who is a board games freak (current favourite - 'Articulate' - hysterically funny, especially when the Baileys is flowing at the end of the evening!)













1. 'Monopoly'

2. 'Scrabble' (love Scrabbulous on FB - I'm beating my hubby, and that *never* happens!)

3. Ah, I know this one... Alex has a PS2 (which he *never* uses) - it's Sony, isn't it?

4. Hmmm... is it 'double screen' or 'dual screen', something like that.

5. Game Boy Advance, I think.

6. 'Snap'

7. 'Solitaire' or 'Patience'

8. Chess <shudder> - Alex is always trying to teach me, and my brain doesn't work that way

9. Ah, now, this is really sad, cos I know this one - we used to play dominos when I was in the sixth form, at school (cos, you know, we didn't have lives, or boyfriends, or hobbies - weep for me and my wasted youth) - it's 28, if you're using a standard double-six set, although you can get double-nine (55 tiles), double-twelve (91 tiles), double-fifteen (136 tiles) and the really hard-core double-eighteen (190 tiles) sets.

10. 54

11. Charades - many a happy Christmas day

12. 'Jenga' - I *suck* at it - it's not really compatible with salbutamol shakes!

13. 'Trivial Pursuit' - another one that Alex is really good at, and I suck at

14. Urrrm... PlayStation Personal, or PlayStation Portable, one of those

15. 64

16. Two, I think

17. Ooooh, I used to play this one, I think, with my sister - is it 'Sorry'?

18. Pinball - yeah!

19. 20, if you are playing International Draughts on a 10x10 board; 16, if you are playing English Draughts on a 8x8 board

20. 'Mouse trap' - I used to watch the adverts for this, and I thought it looked *so* cool - my mum wouldn't buy it for me, cos it 'wasn't a real board game'. What a cruel and deprived childhood I did have!

Well... how did I do? Alright, I think, except the games consol ones, which I know nothing about.

Okay, well, I am off now to make my moves on my Scrabbulous games - there's some a** kicking to be done!



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