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Hello everyone!

Hi there everyone, have just signed up as a member today as feeling a little fed up. Had asthma since I was 13 and has been getting a little worse each year. Off work again at the moment on steroids and using nebuliser. Usually just try to get on with it but feeling a little down worrying about being off work etc. My friends and family are sympathetic but sometimes feel as if they don't understand? Oh listen to me-moan, moan, moan-sorry!

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Dont worry,it looks like a good day to moan-see my credit card moan!!

Enjoy your time ""onboard"" !


Hello, welcome 'aboard' Mobymaloney, we are a very happy little ship and everyone is very friendly and supportive. Sorry your having a 'blip' at the moment, know how you feel, its sooo frustrating not being able to work and do the things you want to. Hang on in there, you will soon be back to work. But don't go back too soon or you end up being of longer and don't worry about not being in work - people understand and if they don't then they are not worth bothering with.

Hope you feel better soon, everyone hangs out on 'Camping' - pitch up a tent there chuck. Take good care, Lois


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