Actually, I feel quite good today

I was just looking at all the things that make everyone feel good (that was a great idea by the way) and it dawned on me that I'm always ready to have a moan when I'm feeling rotten, but I never seem to acknowledge when I'm feeling good. So here goes:

I got up this morning and the sun was shining. I wasn't coughing. There was good music on the radio while I was doing my little bit of housework (60s stuff on radio 2). I nipped to the shops and met a friend I haven't seen for ages. I went to see my mum in the home and she was smiley and happy, and my brother arrived so we could have a nice chat. I met some friends and had a really nice lunch, and then went to another friend's for a cup of tea. I'm still hardly coughing and I'm always worse in the afternoon/evening. What a huge heap of positives for one day. As it happens, I really am feeling much better today than I've felt since October.

I hope I'm not the only one.

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  • Yay! Annista, good for you.

    I sat up until almost the end of Comic Relief. Bed by 3.30 am. Up at 8.30 fed cats, back to bed for an hour or so's sleep. Out for breakfast roll and sausage, met up with daughter after that. Then, apart from lunch where asthma trembles started every time I lifted my soup spoon LOL, had a great day out with smallest grandson and his mum.

  • Sounds good Grannymo - maybe they'll let you use a straw for your soup next time lol.

    I'm saving up my grandchildren for tomorrow. Can't be greedy and have all the good things on one day!

  • DH suggested straw while DD pointed out the soup bowl had two little handles and I should just pick it up like a shallow mug. Good to know you have grandchildren too. Never really understood what being a granny was all about until it happened. Granny three times over now. Much fun and lots of giggles.

    Here's to a good day again tomorrow. :)

  • sun shining, met up with a good friend, felt normal for few hours - went to Brownies training morning :) and ate a slice of pepperoni pizza!!

    appetite getting better :)

    thats my positive for the day.. outweighs my negatives of the day :( including wales losing the rugby!


  • Today's feelgood moment - my granddaughter shouting 'Granneeeeeeee' as she ran to me for a hug. Can't beat it. Both grandchildren have been showing off their new Manchester United tops which their daddy bought them when he went to the game yesterday (oops, I forgot to ask him who won).

    EDIT - lets be honest, I didn't forget, I just didn't care lol

  • uh-hm.... as a big man utd fan i can tell you actually we won 1-0 against bolton!! lol.

    managed a 45 min walk this mornin :) had to stop in between to relieve symptoms, and coughed like crazy afterwards (cos of infection as well as asthma) but hey thats the most walking i have managed in one go for that last 6 weeks :) woo hoo!!

    the smell of freash air, singing of birds, wind in my air. ahhhhh.....

    at home in bed now suffering for it :(

    hugs to all

    x x x

  • Snowygirl, you really seem to be getting on top of it all now. I'm very impressed that you managed to walk for 45 minutes after all the problems you've been dealing with.

    Today is another good one - lots of sunshine, birds singing and swimming pool not too crowded. Downhill all the way now that I'm at work, though.

  • many thanks for your support annista. yesterday was a real mood lifter :) felt really good to be out and about for the most time in 6 weeks!!

    todays feel good, only needed inh + neb twice so far today and actually managed to eat half a meal :) and the sun continues to shine yippee!! summer coming early? i wonder...


  • Snowygirl, I'm hoping you're right about the weather looking up - I want to go to the lake with my book, I-pod and lunch and just soak up the sun and enjoy the birds - herons are nesting already.

    Peak flow up to 430 for the first time since October, what a result!

  • only just seeing ur post bout ur peak flow being 430 first time - fantastic, long may it continue, hun :)

    hehe!!! defo a feel good of the day...

    feel good of today was the long hot soak in the bath, radox stress relief rosemary + eucalyptus aroma with plenty bubbles :) aaaaaaaaahhhhhh......

    x x x

  • Yesterday's feel good for me - going to see my grandchildren (and my son and daughter in law). My granddaughter always yells out my name and comes running for a hug, but yesterday my grandson did the same and he's so much his mummys boy that I felt incredibly flattered - usually he's Mr Cool, and will just stroll over to say hallo so it was lovely to get the full works. Oh, and no asthma symptoms. Nice.

  • feel good for today...

    out of costa, another radox rosemary and eucolyptus bubble filled bath, aaahhhh...

    followed by chocolate :) to watch dancing on ice with, waiting for 'only way is essex' lol

    x x x

  • Feelgood for this morning - only one other person swimming so plenty of space and a nice chat. Boss is out all day so I can catch up a bit. If he would only lose his mobile and his dictaphone life would be perfect! :)

  • went out for dinner with a friend for a 'cheer up + catch up' then came home for radox bath yet again!!

    x x x

  • Today's feelgood - I've started the countdown to the end of the tax year and told everyone who wants an ISA that they've got to get the paperwork to me by Friday or their investment won't arrive before 5th April and the taxman will tell them off! Only 3 days to go .......

  • bit of a laugh as i turned up to my nurses appt for my mmr injection 4 hours late... oops!!

    x x

  • I wish I'd thought of that .....

  • This is totally off the wall but .......... my feel good for today is when I popped home mid morning today after my morning round and put the tv on (sorry!) and This Morning had an interview with a couple who share their home with rather a lot of dolls and 24 of these dolls were actually in the studio with them, I mean on the one hand it was hilarious (and surely must be an early April Fool's?!) but on the other hand it was kind of not right if you get what I mean (these ""dolls"" were lifesize and dressed in all manner of stlyes!!!).

    I would also like to say that also my son Louis has had a pretty good day and I think he is going to make swimming at school tomorrow (will send note to teacher asking if he gets cold can he please get changed back into his uniform) and ooh yes I am taking him to see Horrible Histories tomorrow night at Theatre Royal, Norwich..........

    Serenity xx

  • I expected to spend today taking an elderly lady who is not too well to see her brother, who is even less well. It felt good to be able to do something to really make a differenece to sombody's life. Unfortunately, at the last minute my elderly lady became unwell and couldn't go. I toyed with the idea of going into work and saving my day off for later in the year but in the end a friend and I went shopping and i couldn't have made a better decision! Being out at the shops on a weekday felt totally illicit, which was great and we shopped until we dropped, taking time out every now and then for a cup of tea. Just got in totally exhausted and starving, but I can't remember last time I had so much fun (or spent so much money).

  • 1. went for few diet cokes with a friend, no alcohol involved - lent / meds.

    2. bumped into few friends used to work with.

    3. ex - colleague collapsed, and even though off sick, was able to use my 'nursing skills' to resus him until green meanies arrived and took over.

    he had had too much alcohol, granted, but also something else going on though :S

    glad i could help him, good for something after all :)

    x x x

  • Snowygirl, I hope your friend is ok. He was very lucky to have you on hand to help out. Hope you're feeling ok after all the excitement.

    keep well.


  • thanks annista

    friend is okay now thankfully :)

    was bit traumatised!! but orite, feeling good today - sun shining, got prom praise tonite :)

    x x

  • had good evening at prom praise at royal albert hall :)

    emotional songs, beautiful music :)

    x x

  • Unexpected visit from my younger son with card and flowers (I thought he was working today). Sun coming in through the window cheering everything up. Lovely.

  • Younger daughter and wee grandson in the morning. Afternoon with other daughter and family. Good times.

  • Have had a couple good days, sshhhh lungs, didn't hear that. No blue and been up & down along the north Devon coast. Seems like G.P. may have been right about sinusitis aggravating asthma as antibs seem to slowly clearing them. Good weather too and nice drive over Exmoor

  • Not so good lungs-wise (there are probably OAPs who walk faster than me right now), but lovely weekend with my friend who lives in Manchester - I hadn't seen her for ages.

  • Just got in from a picnic down by the lake with my children and grandchildren. Glorious sunshine, lots of ducks for the children to feed nice food and best of all lots of cuddles with the children.

    Lots of walking too, so I'm absolutely shattered, but it was worth it!

  • Lots of walking around Paisley. Of course being the suspicious Scots, we took a jacket over our arm. About two hundred yards up the road and several traffic crossing later, wished had left the jackets in the car. Brilliant sunshine all day. Bit different from the monsoon conditions on Monday!

  • Another lovely sunny day. Went to see mum in the home, to find her in the garden enjoying the flowers and trees. She was very smiley and happy, which makes me smiley and happy too.

    No coughing for 2 days. Shame I have to go back to work on Monday and set it all off again!

  • other than my asthma keeping showing is ugly head today has been good. Had more money than i thought my mum gave me some money to get some new leggings. And i bought the new harry potter film then after relaxing took the dog for a walk now just sat relaxing before cooking tea. What a good day

  • watching soaps :)

    out tomorrow with a new man ;) hehe x

  • I have been using my horrendously expensive air purifier for a while now, usually have it on for a couple of hours in the evening when I get home. I have absolutely no idea whether it can claim the credit but PF is up, coughing is down. Bunged up nose unbunged. Last night, coming home quite late I got out of my car and realised that I could smell the blossom on the trees. It's been years since that happened and I can't begin to tell you what a treat it was. I just stood there for ages smelling the blossom and feeling good.

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