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Boo Hiss

Boo Hiss! Baddies have broken into my Church and snaffled part of our lovely new Multi Media system. They have taken 2 of the large screens, dropped another, smashed a stained glass door (that wasn't locked) and even stolen some photocopying paper!.

They missed 2 screens in the hall and left 2 screens that were upstairs in the Church. Oh dear, now all the people who didn't want to move forward have the perfect excuse to vote against other new 'things'. Hey ho, on a positive note the Gym opposite the side of the Church has some CCTV footage of the baddies trying to ram the back metal gates. They've given it to the Police so we don't know yet if its possible to identify them from that.

Sorry for the moan, i am a steward at Church and have been asked for input on stepping up security. Oh dear i am not very technically minded! it may be possible to link our exisiting system with CCTV. Anyone got any ideas - please? Thanks a still in the dark ages Lois x

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Sorry to hear of the break in - it is soo horrid what people do now adays.

You used to be able to just put everything in the safe at one stage but now with all the electronic stuff, it can be difficult. How about a strong room or one that can be converted with extra bolts. Other ways to ensure security is to have the equiment marked securly and also bolted on if it can't be moved to a safe room.

Ecclesiastical is the main church insurers ( Anglican & others I think) - contact them and ask advice (I have my home insurrance with them and they are very reasonable too) Is your church insured with them?

My Dad was threatened many years ago by a burgular in church with a knife.

I thought it was copper & lead the thieves are after at the moment. Ooo Ek! our new extension is plastered with copper! though I think it is well enough exposed to prevent anyone trying.

Hope that helps



PS Dad was a Vicar!



why do people do things like that ceases to believe me..justglad no1 got hurt...these pplneed shaming.


No ideas but can sympathise and be annoyed!

My local church just had cctv put in as they nicked the lead off the church roof waited for them to replace it then came back and just to put boot in they took it and the camera this week.

Worst thieving case i am aware of was last year where the total idiots stole the copper from the wiring running from the back up generator to the special care baby unit at our local hosptial potentially putting lives at risk how horrendous is that!


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