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Thats Numberwang!!!!!

No one should ever accuse Virgin trains of not being punctual ,I missed my 1029 train to Carlisle by about 90 seconds and the following 1146 train was fuller than a full thing resulting in me having to stand for 3/4 of the journey;the train arriving in Carlisle just as my connecting train to Whitehaven was leaving!!!! so 90 seconds became 4 hours

now thats Numberwang!!!!

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Think you have problems with trains, we have an interesting on going problem locally with our train services. Something to do with targets and timing. If trains don't reach Hereford by a certain time services will often get terminated so that the companies don't get fined. Leaving people stranded often late at night for hours on end. Our local MP has complained about it and yet it goes on. So when you buy a ticket to Hereford you just have to pray that you will get there.


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