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Good morning

Couldn't get to sleep overnight, then just as I'm nodding off around four, Elephant comes along and is sitting on chest. Do the needful. Settle down just as cats start yowling for food. Give in, get up and feed. Biggest cat promptly sick as unnoticed, he's taken the wrong food. Clear up, wash hands, head off for maybe an extra hour of gentle sleep. Not to be. Pneumatic drill starts up on the road outside. What else can happen?!

Oh yes. Hubby wakes up for cuppa I've made him and says, Do know snow is forecast this week?

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aaww! quiet as a mouse over here.

Up early got go OH again but will be ok just routine

as was off with ear and balance problem.

Dog in his basket and not wanting go out as its raining,

hes a big dog and if you say do you want go out his

head goes adimantly dowm and curles up.

Cat curled up asleep,will join him for a cat nap xxx


Hope your day gets better! Had one like that yesterday, same problem with sleep.Got to bed at 5.30am couldn't sleep, too much neb and oxygen and pred. Decided to go back to bed at 11am youngest Son signing and drumming and neighbour mowing the lawn! gggrrrr



Day proceeded thus - Almost got my car bashed several times by idiots swerving into the inside lane as hadn't notice the cones up ahead closing outer lane. Grumble, grumble, big traffic queues cos today they decided to dig up two of our three main streets. Town is basically a triangle so nipped through and down to third main street to find the traffic lights there, had jammed.

Count to ten, three-point turn in side road and back to local shops instead of going further afield. Chat with Big Issue lad fairly put everything back in perspective. Counting my blessings as I headed home.

Afternoon is going fine.. so far...

PS husband arrived home as I unloaded the shopping. Put it all away for me, so I could have a seat. 8)


aaww !!!

love your stories ,glad your car escaped from damadge.

Shopping must not be fun for you,traffic and work men.

hunky builders 80) xxxxx


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