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I just clicked confirm on the last Christmas present I need to buy this year! Now I just need to take my Christmas cards to the RBH next week, not forget the pre-printed labels and that is the festive season all wrapped up for me.


ps Grow your own mushrooms (the more exotic kinds) are the inspirational present for the people who have everything this year :)

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  • Oh Bex - you are making me feel wonder u are smug!

  • i havent even started my shopping, i think it is way too early and am too busy with others things to worry about without even having to think about christmas

  • Hi Bex,

    Im on the ball also.just a few to get.

    ITS hard to think sometimes what to get for xmas

    so if anyone reads this have you got any ideas for a 22 year old female and 15 year old female !!!


  • Address labels done for me and 3 other sets for the children who have left home. I really make it easy for them all they have to do is buy and write the card, I provide stamps and address labels.

    Glynis, go and have a look on the Cath Kidstone website or try Campus gifts do the Edward Monkton stuff and have always been reliable.


  • Sinead, I wish I could wait and do it all properly wandering around shops listening to Chris de Burgh and Cliff Richard but the last 3 Christmas I have been in hospital for some weeks and it ends up in a last minute scramble.

    At least this year we have dropped the Green Fairy (pagan = santa) it used to take me an age to put those together and cost somewhere around £50 per child! So this year the kids and I are all buying one extra no more than a £5 present (bet I end up buying more than one for each of the kids) and they will be wrapped up and be waiting on their chairs when they go into the Yule Feast.


  • Thankyou Bex xxx

  • i have to spread it out, but lucky if will have any money for christmas, but will probably start in november when moved into flat and settled

  • Argh haven't thought about it yet. We make it easier so we do a secret santa draw so we each only have to buy one present (except for the kids which need presents from us and also need 'santa' presents) but I am seeing my recipient in late november so must have it ready for then and are really struggling, hmm what can you get a 20-something female who likes creative things?

  • Got to recommend the Cath Kidstone site there are wonderful present ideas there and there is a arty crafty feel to a lot of the stuff. My Daughter bought me a paper and envelope set and as a result I have re-discovered the art of sending a letter. Yes you pay a bit for the ""name"" but they do have some things that are reasonably priced. I know I rave about I have been a fan for ages now go and have a look but watch out it is seriously tempting.


  • I'll take a look, thanks Bex

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