OK we have the rant moan thread, the proud parent thread, the memo to self thread so now I am starting the Why thread.

Why if the standard course of IV augmentin is 3 doses for 7 days does it come in packs of 10? I have just picked up 2 boxes and one phial in a little baby box and phamacy has 9 Augmentin phials that it will probably not use unless they are still in date next year when I get my annual chest infection.


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  • Why did my work computer EAT my files today? It gobbled up a whole nature reserve!!!!

  • Wow Kate that is one hungry PC.

    BTW I am not expecting answers to the ""whys"" put here I just thought we needed a why thread. Of course if you have an answer put us out of our misery and post it!



  • why does every test the hospital do come back normal?!?!?!

    nurse expected me to have an anapylactic shock yesterday, so much so she spent 20mins tracking down a cons to be in the room with me when she did my skin prick allergy testing, so he could adminster any meds required to stop me croaking, yet when she did the test everything only the control reacted, despite my horrendous urticaria at the time making me look like a freak.


  • Why does having TWO insurance policies covering your flat make it TWICE as awkward putting in a claim for water damage ?

    as the great Peter Griffin would say,""It really grinds my gears

  • Why did the man in specsavers happily help me choose nice frames, knowing I needed varifocals but then said I would have to pay £109 for the premium varifocals for those particular frames after I had spen 20 minutes on my feet! I wanted the free varifocals! Grrrrr!

    Walked out...... will return next week to sort the bloomin' things out! Oh and will ask to speak to someone who knows about what lenses fit what frames !

  • Why does the chest infection decide to strike when my attendance at college is rubbish??

  • Elephant, I have no idea probably the same reason my annual one chose to happen under a week after a Brompton amino break just when the old bellows were doing quite nicely thank you.

  • Why do spiders have to enter my house when my asthma is bad? So my house mates scream and i have to take them outside, all the way down the stairs so i come back up puffed out?

  • Spiders... they're good for your asthma!

    Leave the spiders in you house as: a) they tell you that there is no dampness there to affect your asthma; b) they eat all the things in your house that damage it, as well as all the dust mites etc. that affect your asthma. I have two female house spiders that live mostly in my office, one is large and the other huge (that's how I know they are female), they also wander around the house and are now so tame that when they get stuck in the bath they just run onto my hand when I put it down, and sit there until I return them to their home on one of my bookcases.

    Two nice little ladies who don't nag or constantly tell me to take care... ;oD

  • Why when you are really tired and have the chance for a long sleep can one not sleep?

  • Why is it that shop bought sandwiches all seem to have mayonnaise in them? Going round a store where every little helps, I was hard pushed to buy anything and nearly went hungry. Still I would have lost a bit more weight if I'd have left it.

  • I sympathise, andyk. Always seem to be hunting for just a plain cheese sandwich.

  • Do maltesers taunt me? They know I can't eat them...

  • Why do people have to use capital letters? They are hard to read and i feel like i personally am being shouted at?

  • The wall on BBC 1 - why?


  • If the universe is expanding, why can I never find a parking space?

    Going to collect DH and friend from night out. One way streets plus just as the taxis will be lining up.

  • In luck there was a big space.

  • Why is my shower either scalding hot or freezing cold? The carers don't like washing my hair with cold water but I prefer that to being scalded. And you can bet no-one has a sale on showers at the moment either!

  • Walking

    Why do I always get sore front of shoulders and shortage of breath walking the quarter mile from town centre to daughters flat? Can walk similar distance elsewhere. Beginning to think I'm allergic to that stretch of road.

  • Why does everything pack up at the same time? our fridge has given up the ghost and our sky remote and the computer hasn'e been working for a couple of days!


  • Jobsworths

    Why do some staff in Job Centres treat their customers as if they should be picked up with long-handled tongs. Waiting for my daughter, I was asked to move along please. Daughter indicated we were mum and daughter. Shortly told that as a visitor I had to go back out into the street (it was raining) to meet my daughter who would come out a side door once dispatched from sign-on desk.


    grumpily miffed

  • lights

    why do all lights go out and fuse goes when one light bulb goes.

    We all had to get ready in the dark and get ready for school and work,it was funny though xxx

  • Stop-Go

    Why, when I was short of breath the other day, did OH say ""Take your time. Slow down. There's no rush"" then almost immediately in the next breath as we approached the road, said ""Quick! Move! There's time to get across.

  • Helen, I'm asking exactly the same question at the moment. Yesterday my ipod decided that it's not going to turn off; this afternoon one of the rear car tyres exploded ... while I was driving 50mph (was all very scary); and now that I'm home the telly's playing silly b*****s and keeps flicking to no picture :o( Why, indeed, do all these things happen at once (or even at all!)?

  • Why can I not say 'no' one particular managers requests, that make no sense in the long term and have an unreasonible time frame??? I have said 'yes' to taking on three time consuming projects this week and each one made me think oh no that's a ridiculous idea, why not do it another way!! Honestly it is like I have some sort of inability to make myself clear with this person!!!

  • Why are the clothes shops so bad?

    Why can't I buy a top that doesn't show off more than it should. Its not that I'm ashamed of my underwear but a) shouldn't be on show to all and sundry and b) weather is getting chilly and c) a thermal vest looks daft with a low neckline. I want to be warm this winter without actually wearing a polo neck jumper (which always seems to make me feel I'm being strangled).

    Where have all the tops with small neat V-necks gone? They're all boat necks, or have huge deep wide collars turned over and over and that look ok in the shop but, I suspect, will unroll and look fit for the ragbag on first washing. Also in the shops this year are jumpers meant to be worn off one shoulder - how the heck will that keep you warm? I tried one of those and pulled it such that both shoulders were covered but it looked a bit strange. One wee lass on duty in a fitting room told me, quite seriously - that's why those wrap around fringe scarves are in fashion - they're to cover a low neckline. D'uh?

    Other half could not believe I had a no-shop shopping trip while he'd sat with a coffee. Started to suggest I lose a bit of weight and maybe I'd find that the size I was buying to accomodate my fuller shape would fit better. @@@@@@@@@@############!!!!!!!!!!

    Sat back, took a deeeeep breath and suggested he come with me. OK.

    I dragged him round all the high street names and asked him to point out something I could buy that didn't have a plunging neckline - everywhere from Phase Eight to Next to New Look/boat neckline and fabric so thin its not going to keep you warm anyway - ditto/daft woolly neck thing going on - H&M and M&S/wasn't so retro 70s it wasn't out in the 70s anyway/didn't look like I was going to a fancy dress party in a top covered in stuck-on fake bling (the last two - Monsoon).

    He got the point - Whether a perfect size 12 or imperfect size 18, there's nothing decent out there.

  • Trains

    I use trains a lot, my children and grandchildren live in York and Bristol.I book on line and prefer a window ,forward facing position.

    Why? When my seat has a reserved card on it, 9 times out of 10..someone is sat in it!!

    Even when the train is not full. @@@@@@@

  • why does my oven decide not to light and family coming to tea Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    luckily it was the battery thank goodness"" FEW

  • Why does upsetting and distresting things upset the asthma?

  • why is it you can cycle for 30 odd miles, not see a single car, then when going down a steep hill meet one, an with all this rain brakes never hold when you need them, Oh what fun it is to be alive.

  • Why is it since I have had asthma I seem to catch everything going,chest infections,sore throats,headaches and temperatures .Always been quit healthy before just had OA.I ve had all injections yet still get them alot .

    Need to hibernate and sleep till better xxx

  • Cats and their endearing qualities

    Why out of all the things on my 10 foot wide and three foot deep front window shelf, did one of our cats sick up their food such that it landed onto and into a very small campervan money bank?

    Why not over the gloss-painted window shelf itself or maybe even a round paperweight? Easier to clean!


    PS wee campervan is now cleaned inside and out, dettoxed and placed out of kitty's way.

  • Why is that the darling red or white pred make you gain weight so easily even if living off salad and water but when you cpme to try and lose the additional weight it is 100 times harder than gaining it. Not fair!

  • Why do cafes put grated cheese in children's sandwiches?

    Very hard and frustrating for toddlers to hold and eat. Floor is littered with cheese on just picking up the sandwich.

    Our local cafe at least uses a coarser grater than another we go to sometimes, and whose children's' sandwiches have very finely grated cheese that's almost impossible to pick up with baby fingers.

  • Daft way of thinking

    Why did I think I could do the same push on clearing space in house for Xmas stuff this year as I could last year pre-asthma? Its taking ages to get everything done this time. Absolutely no stamina.

    Gets to the point where one is daftly wondering if it was be better last year cos I didn't know I'd asthma.

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