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Stupid Stupid Easyjet!!

I had booked a flight about 2 weeks ago to go to England in Febuary. I'd booked it early because my dads going away in the new year and wont be back for a few months and he's my credit card lol.

I get an e-mail in my inbox when I get in from school:

Dear Customer

We regret to advise you that due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel the flight or flights you have booked with us.

What a load of rubbish. I then rang them to find out why the refund hadn't come through yet and am told that it should be through in another few days. I then got told that they are cancelling that one flight service at that time for the forseeable future! *Angry!!!*

I now have to go and try and find another flight that gets me into Stanstead at that time on that day! GRRRRR!

<end rant>


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I,ve just spent 2 nights in one of their ""capsule "" hotels on London-would not recommend it;price was ok (for London) but the rooms are just too small and claustrophobic and with no window and the room temp set to about 25 C with no way of altering it-a bit of a false economy I think in retrospect.


Shouldn't be such a tight a********e then should you.


Some people may not be able to afford to travel otherwise!


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