Hi people im going to ask a very serious question. Does any you guys still look forward to certain cartoons comming on the tele my mum thinks im crazy im 31 and have to be home in time to watch my favorite cartoon horrid henry I think its brilliant and it cheers me up every day. Please say there is more people out there who look forwars to a good old cartoon out there or am I still a big kid at heart take care and sending lots of warm hugs xxxxxxxxx

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  • Just slightly older at 58. Pink Panther does it for me. Unfortunately they don't play them often now. You're not on your own and what's wrong with being a big kid anyway?



  • Mine would have to be old ""Ton and Jerry""s and some that you would not have heard off as the are in Spanish and not available here nor even on SKY.

    ""The Flintstones, Top cat and the Pink Panther"" would be not too far behind

    45 and getting younger by the day !!!!


  • hi

    hi i like watching cartoons from horrid henry Top cat Nick Junior Cbbc Cbeebies Nick junior 2 Nickleodion all the kiddies stations you can get on virgin telly Trumpton Camberwick Green Chigley Fraggle Rock all sorts like that really. even my mum says at some of the programmes i watch how old are you i am only 29 and a half thirty in may. its fun to still be a big kid and im not going to change that is anybody. from groovy chick

  • Oooooo its the powerpuff girls for me, thou hafta admit i am only mad enough to feed this obsession when im in hospital, and have nothing better to do at midnight (12am Cartoon network,,, don't miss it)...and im 16!

  • Pink Panther same as Alan, Captain Pugwash. Does Hector's House count as a cartoon? I want the DVD for my birthday.

  • what about tin tin

  • I am going to sound so sad here but I love Lazy Town!

    It's great!

  • is that the one with the pink haird girl

  • Im guilty of cartoonmania aswell! Im 38 and have just bought The Muppet Show box set on DVD!! Anyone remember that??

    Also as a mum of an 8 and 6 yr old i have no choice but to watch them but Spongebob is FAB!!

    I have to agree with kerry-anne about Horrid Henry though coz that is brill!!

    I also have to stree that notheing beats good old Tom and Jerry!!

  • yeah

    hi yeah i remember the muppet show this is kermet the frog here. I also like the mupet films too i like alot of the kids films and shows and i am 30 in may and my mum keeps saying how old are you and she watches a bit of the midnight garden and she is old i like that too maka paka maka paka tomly boos ect i like danger mouse too aswell as pink panther munsters herman munster and loads of others too from groovy chick

  • At the mo it is Shaun the Sheep!!

    In the past it was Bagpuss and the clangers, plus magic roundabout!

    Fimbles are good too! Must watch ' In the night Garden' so can get on the same level as my Niece - Grandma (My mum) is quite up on the night garden LOL



  • Oh, such joy: Magic Roundabout AND The Muppets. Getting the DVDs down now!


  • i'm a 20 year old transformers nut lol

    and a spongebob nut, me and my stepdad watch it all the time

  • Miss Hooley rools ok!!!!!

  • Seems everyone else is being so honest I have a little confession if I wake up early on the morning I always put bbc 2 on and watch all the kids shows in bed. Can not stand the ones on at 6am on channel 4 the hoobs good old tweenies and in the night garden ect ect xxxxxx

  • Horrid henry is wicked and Aurther and hey arnoled and the rugrats!x

  • If you want classics then give me Bagbuss, Mr Benn, the flumps etc. As for more recent then The simpsons, ARNOLD AND mONA THE VAMPIRE

  • Let's look at our DVD collection:


    The Clangers

    Trumpton/Camberwick Green/Chigley

    The Muppet Show


    The Simpsons

    Robbie The Reindeer

    Wallace and Gromit

    Films aplenty:

    A Bugs Life

    Beauty And The Beast

    The Jungle Book


    Monsters, Inc.

    Shrek (and 2, and The Third)

    Ice Age (and 2)

    And more adult cartoons:

    Family Guy

    South Park

    Drawn Together (I don't think anyone other than me has ever watched this...! - it's a region 1 DVD ordered from Canada)

  • I dont think Drawn together is meant to be watched by children Steve! :P

  • Muppets, Rug Rats and Magic Roundabout get my vote

  • I know, Vicky! That's why I put it in my ""adult"" section. I don't think South Park and Family Guy are particularly kid-friendly either!

  • For an adult cartoon it has to be Family guy every time. The baby is just so funny


  • Drawn Together seems to have gone under my radar-is it a Sky prog-I,m curious as its lumped together with South Park and Family Guy so I will probably like it.

    If you like Family Guy ,try American Dad-another Seth Macfarlane gem!!

  • Why no Toy Story (1 AND 2) in the DVD collection?


  • Ive got toy story 1 and 2 finding nemo monsters inc aladin beauty and the beast mulan bugs lide empores last groove stuart little 1 2 and 3 shrek 1 2 and 3 sharks tale I think thats it oh and not a cartoon but brilliant film Drop dead fred classic


  • I have...


    Jungle Book 1+2

    Toy Story 1+2

    Finding Nemo


    Over the Hedge

    The simpsons series 7-10

    3 Wallace and Gromit DVD's

    Shrek 1-3

    South Park

    Family Guy

    Monsters Inc


    Ice Age 1+2

    And that is not including my little brothers dvd collection. lol

  • Alan - Not really sure why we've never gotten around to getting Toy Story! I don't think I've ever seen the second one, in fact.

    Bluejam - I found Drawn Together on the Paramount Comedy Channel; they used to run it after their South Park double bill. The DVD is from the US (it's not available on region 2) and is R-rated (their equivalent of an 18!) - it's not for the faint-hearted, but it is very, very funny.

  • Peaksteve

    Toy story has to be one of the classics you cannot watch 1 without watching 2!!!


  • Highly recommend Toy Story for your collection then. I have to say that TS2 is one of those rare occasions when the sequel is better than the first. Magnificent fun. To infnity...

    Chicken Run, I noticed this eveing, is also sitting proudly on the top shelf of my collection. I sometimes feel I'm looking in the mirror when I watch parts of that. Don't know if thats a recommendation, but it is a pure treasure. W&G team at their best.

    Antz too. Notice a theme about heroes?


  • AlanJ

    Totally agree toy story 2 is just brilliant not that i am saying toy story 1 isnt I love them both but always seem to watch ts2 more

    I have to say bout Monsters inc to its brilliant but you have to admit boo makes the show


  • I know this is an old post but I have to ask has anyone been watching diarys of Dick and Dom on cbbc channel through the week I have been laughing so much my sides hurt and had to neb if you havent seen it please just give it one shot you will love it lol xxxxxxx

  • Top Cat has to be one of the best. A Yank cartoon version of The Beano Bash Street Kids, using cats.

  • Well he might not be a cartoon, but I love dear old Bag Puss, the mice on the mouse organ and the clangers. The old scooby doo pretty good, and Mutley out of the Wacky Races. Old or young we all need a little light relief and I feel sad for those who can no longer let themselves enjoy the innocence of childhood! I also like to pick up some of my old children's books from time to time and read, particularly The Faraway Tree, The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.

  • I loved the book BFG and also loved the animated virsion of it remindes me of school all those years ago lol!!!

  • Roald Dahl = Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for me, everlasting gobstoppers, probably the only thing to shut me up LOL!

  • Transformers coming out on DVD, followed by Ren and Stimpy, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Bleach, all the Disney movies...

    Yeah I LOVE cartoons... and have been watching Yu-Gi-Oh on Saturdays :D

  • I still watch horrid henry even when i think they just repeat the same 10 over and over lol but i dont care i love minding my 4 year old nephew its cartoons all day hehe

  • we watch ben 10 and star wars: clone wars with steves little brother

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