Essex Lung Run


Hope you don't mind but ....... The British Lung Foundation are doing a sponsored 2 mile Run on Sunday in Maldon Essex. see

My sister, Me, Anna (with her new inhaler & spacer!) & Zac (In his pushchair) have all signed up to do it - well more like a toddle / walk.

If anyone is feeling generous, please would you like to sponsor us!

The BLF cover asthma and all sorts of other lung disease too such as emphysema, CF and lots of rare lung diseases.

Many Many thanks!


PS if you can gift aid, please PM me your details.

PPS We will try to get Zac to crawl over the finish line! LOL!

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  • Kate, Hope walk goes well for you all. I'm happy to sponser you £10, if you can P'm me your details I'll send cq in post.

    Good Luck

    J x

  • Good luck Kate, really admire you for doing this.

    I'll PM you if you can let me have your address too.

  • Think this deserves a Bump :-)

  • Ta! and another Boink!

  • bump

  • Boing!

  • Pingggggggggg!

  • We did it!!!

    Hello all,

    Many thanks to all who sponsored it - Team Tortoise did the 2 miles in a respectable 45 minutes and have raised around £300!

    Many thanks all for your support!

    Love & Huggs



    Anna & Zac!


  • Well Done! If you pm me will send cheque, put your feet up tonight with a nice glass of something, take good care, love Lois

  • Well done Team Tortoise! Remember - the tortoise beat the hare, after all!

    Cheque is in the post xx

  • Good effort KM-the cheque will be in the post tomorrow.!!

  • Well done to you all :-)

    Hope lungs havent started protest since....

    Will get cheque in post asap

    J x

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