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No more dusty flatscreen!

In our bedroom, we have a computer and with it, a flatscreen monitor. Untill the other day, our flatscreen was getting grubbier and grubbier and dustier. We thought you needed the expensive commercial wipes to clean it. WRONG

I knock the speakers being the desk AGAIN and was groping round when i knocked the monitor over in to my cup of milk. DISASTER!! I was panicking, mike was going to come back in a few days, see the screen and KILL me!! i dabbed the milk off best i could with a tissue, thought i could stem the damage. Afterwards there were ugly and very noticable smears accross the screen. I needed to clean it up or mike would notice. I typed in to yahoo ""how to clean a flatscreen monitor"" and clicked one of the sites.

It said you can clean them with water on a soft cloth, i got some damp tissues and set to work, left to right, down the screen and hey presto! The flat screen looks like new and the colours are even brighter!

so the moral of the story is, you can clean a flatscreen panel monitor using a bit of water on a soft cloth or tissue which you can throw away. :p

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As long as you dont PRESS on to hard you can use any glass come mild cleaning solution on TFT/LCD/FLAT screen monitors lol

I had my TFT for over 18mths and tend to just grab a Windolene wipe or Windolene spray on soft kitchen roll paper lol

JUST never press on to hard THAT is where people damage them lol


Mine is in a puter cabinet so rarely needs dusting!



Also if it does get dusty alot you can buy flat screen dust covers too lol


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