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Any 8MBs broadband users??

Having,finally,got my 8MBs broadband system up and running (they cancelled my last system but forgot to activate the new one,and then sent a duff modem-bah!!)-I havent really noticed any difference in the way the interenet seems to be working speed wise-when I initially connect it says ""Blah connected ,speed 7.4 MBs"" but the ""pages"" seem to ""turn over"" at the same rate as before-am I being a bit unrealistic on what I thought the performance would be like?-I would be interested in anyone elses experience before I start putting my Victor Meldrew head on and ringing to complain!-Ta.

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The excellent Mr PeakSteve informs me that most servers ""at the other end"" - i.e. where you're getting the information from - are only capeable of sending you information at 1-2MB/s. Unfortunately this means that, no matter how fast *you* can run at, you won't really notice any difference until the folks at the other end start to run faster.

Hopefully that has saved you from a Meldrew Transformation.



Thanks Cath; I suppose the phrase ""up to 8 MBs"" covers them -well at least its £4 a month cheaper than the one I was using so its not all bad .

* puts Meldrew head back in box!*


You certainly don't want to be using *this* site as a speed benchmark; sometimes I think it would be quicker to walk to London and get the information myself...!

It's a bit cheeky, really - all you're getting is an increase in the speed at which you can receive information via the Interweb; despite currently having at 5.5MB/s connection (the fastest our 'phone line will support) I've never been able to download anything at more than 2MB/s - Napster seems to get the nearest to that figure when I'm downloading music.


The Daily Mail will probably blame Alistair Darling for it!!


I am still on Dial up so therefore It is only worth me getting 2MB BB??

Kate - a very patient internet user LOL.


Unless you're planning on downloading massive amounts of large files, 2MB broadband is more than fast enough for regular Internet use.


kate i have 2mb and plenty fast enough for me also as mob is contract on orange get broadband free at 2 meg


Thanks, & sorry for hijacking BJs thread!




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