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Readers beware

I have decided to join the world of bloggers. The blog will be more about me as a mother of 4 than about asthmatic with other problems. Obviously they are part of my life but I have a lot more going on than just the asthma. You can find my blog at the title was choosen by my 2nd son who refers to my attempts to walk with a couple of people supporting me more of a wall bouncing exercise than a walk. I also feel the gaping space made in the world of blogging when Emma died, she used to have a lovely style and did not dwell on the bad stuff. I know I can not hope to come close to her wonderful posts but I hope I might just fill a small corner of the void.



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hiya bex

I think everyone who followed emma's blog still misses her terribly. There was a very distinct emma shaped hole left in all of us that quite possibly will only ever be filled by her toodlepips :-)

I really do look forwards to reading your blog tho :-) im out there on the blog too tho i never ever thought people world read it they really are - its crazy i have about 10 followers which i think is madness! Lol! :-)

Anyways well done and i look forwards to reading it and catching up when i escape my hospital confinement just got to get myself walking and moving more as a month of bed rest has really done my old muscles in a lot. Thanks for your jcb too :-) i'll return it soon :-)

Speak soon bex take care lv kat Xx


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