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A computerish question

This is completely off topic ... which is why I've put it in the 'Off-topic' section ... <attempts to put brain into gear> Okay, here it is. I have transferred my holiday photos from my camera to the computer (and spent several days renaming and then printing them) and now I want to save them to disc. I know that DVDs hold more info than CDs so my question is, can I save my photos to DVD or wouldn't that work?

Thanks in anticipation of replies :o)


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CD - R or CD - RW hold 700mb of data

Don't know if DVD discs hold more??

How much photo 'size' do you have to burn? or you can try 2 discs??


BTW if you take the disc to Boots to get prints etc burn them onto a CD - R and not a re-write as their comps can't read or transfer the photos.


Thanks very much for that Kate.

I don't actually know what the memory size that I need to burn to disc is just that I will need a lot as I have 611 photos to put on it.

Thanks for the info about Boots - very good to know :o) thanks :o)


Geek alret coming in here... ok so I work in IT (and have my husband looking over my shoulder who is even more of an IT bod than me!)

A dvd will hold considerably more, somewhere around 4GB upwards so you would definitely be able to get all your photos onto a dvd ! You would need to have a dvd rewritable (DVD RW) drive in order to do it (it'll say on the drive whether it is or not if you're not sure)

Hope that helps !!


my father in law copied our wedding photos onto a DVD which can now slideshow on the tv or on the pc which was great for showing eveyryone the photos


Thanks so much, that is *very* helpful. I do have a DVD RW Drive on my puter and I even have to DVD Rs and RWs as my DVD player in the living room is a DVD RW so it's an all round YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Thanks soooo much for the info, and Cal, what a great plan of playing the photo DVD on the DVD player in the living room!!!

I am now a very happy bunny (though I don't have the bunny tail or ears, and I don't hop about so much) :o)



Becky (says he wearing Bill Gates wig),

If you want to write files to DVD, you will not only require a DVD writer/burner incorporated within your PC, but you will also need to have DVD writing software installed also. The reason for mentioning this, is that many new systems come with a DVD burner and DVD (bundled) freeware installed. However, the DVD freeware will only allow you to read/play DVDs. If you want to write/burn DVDs you need to purchase the full version of the DVD software (gggrrrrrrrrrr).

The following is a reasonably good rule-of thumb;

The file size of reasonably good quality digital photos (taken using a 4 mega-pixel camera) is probably in the order of 4Mb each.

CDs will contain about 700Mb of data, which should mean that you will get about 170 odd photos on one CD.

A DVD will contain about 4Gb of data, which should mean that you will get about 1000 photos on one DVD.

And if you have got an ultra modern system there is a fair chance you will have a dual layer DVD writer installed on your system. Dual layer DVDs will contain about 8Gb of data. Dual layer DVD disks are considerably more expensive that standard DVDs but they can be very useful when needed for storing large amounts of data.

Take hair,



Becky, re - your bunny comments, ...perhaps you could try wearing one of my cyber bunny wigs - LOL

Take hair,



I could indeed, deek! That would give them all something to talk about next time I end up in costa (probably not that far away), and in the meantime might prove to be quite amusing generally :o)


Here's some maths and stuff:

The file size depends on a number of factors, including the megapixel count on your camera and the quality setting you have your camera set to. However, a 4 megapixel camera DOESN'T take 4Mb photos! In fact, on the highest quality setting my 8 megapixel camera only takes pictures that are around 3Mb in size.

An way to work out how many photos will fit (now is probably a good time to get a calculator!): Put a blank memory card into your camera and see how many pictures will fit on it according to your camera's estimate. Then, take a note of the size of the memory card. Do this sum:

(Size of memory card in Mb) divided by (estimate of number of photos).

The resulting figure is the average size - in Mb - of each photo your camera will take.

A CD these days will hold 700Mb of data; 650Mb CDs were essentially phased out a few years ago. Meanwhile, a DVD will hold around 4,812Mb. Do the sum:

(Size of CD or DVD as appropriate) divided by (average picture size calculated above)

This will estimate how many pictures will fit on each type of disc for your particular camera!


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