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Sky Tv

Has anyone else had this problem I phoned to get sky tv today and because whoever lived here before me had sky in but done a bunk and not paid there sky bill I have to pay £99 if I want it installing they said its because my flat it black listed with sky but thats not my fault so why am I being punished for someone elses wrong doing does anyone know if I can do anything about this thanks in advance all advice would be gratfully recived xxx

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Kerry Anne, personally find Sky an appalling company to deal with and was glad to cancel my subscription with them last summer, and that was a nightmare too. It would be worth get in touch with the credit reference agencies like Experian, you could have a dis-association notice put on your own credit rating and this hopefully will solve the problem. There is a small charge for this service but is usually only a couple of pounds.

Good Luck



Conversely, I've found Sky to have excellent customer service. Which is good, because as an IT professional I've had lots of contact with the customer services department of the only alternative - Virgin Media - and found them to be the most useless company that ever existed. Even AOL is easier to deal with.

Anyhoo, it's worth checking to make sure that you've got the right end of the stick, simply because £99 is the standard installation charge for Sky Plus. Give Sky another call and make sure that they *are* trying to charge you £99 for a normal installation and not an installation of Sky Plus. If they are, the next thing to check is whether the building is ""blacklisted"" because it will require a non-standard installation. Sky charge extra to install dishes on certain shared buildings, or if the installation will be more complicated/dangerous than normal.

It might be that if you call Sky again and speak to someone else you'll get a different outcome!


Thanks for that peaksteve will call them back in the morning and ask again and hopfully like you say it might be £99 installation fee I dont mind paying that I just dont want to have to pay £99 for someone elses wrong doing and im on ground floor flat and there is a sky dish on my part of the building so easy job for them really so fingers crossed and we shall see what the morning brings xx


Kerry-Anne have you thought of Freesat from BBC and ITV instead? One off payment and no subs. 1.5 HD channels and lots of radion stations.


Hi AndyK could you give me the lead to subscribe to this freesat and I could give them a call thanks it would be much appriciated I have freeview is it the same thing??? xxx


...or even Freeview, for that matter. It depends on which channels you want.

Freeview will be the cheapest of all because set-top boxes are only about £25 these days. Freesat is more expensive (and has to be installed) but will work out cheaper than Sky and has some HD channels too, as Andy says.

Website here:

The main problem with Freesat is that the initial costs are more than Sky want for an installation. It's between £49 and £99 for a set-top box (depending on whether you want HD channels or not), plus an extra £80 for the installation of a satellite dish, so you'd be looking at about £130 at least as an inital payment. However, once you've paid this, there's nothing else to pay ever.

There are over 140 channels, so I reckon it's a much better deal than Freeview. Check out the website, and if you find that the channels you want are included then it'll work out much cheaper than Sky.


Thankyou to all who have replied to my post sky have told me this flat is black listed with them I have to prove it was not me who had the sky in and not paid the bill that is no problem can sort that bit out easy then they said once all that is sorted I have to pay £60 to get it put in they said they would take the money out of my account within 48hrs then would get sky installed within 14 days then just pay £16.50 a month but I have to send proof of how long I have lived in my flat before they will do anything I suppose they have to be carful and like you said peaksteve its totally different what they said yesterday as yesterday it was £99 today it is £60 I suppose whilst im waiting for them to get back to me I could start saving up to get sky in I only want it for Gladiators lol I just loved it watched it as a child growing up and I have seen it advertised for sky1 and I just kept getting excited when seen it advertised I know pretty sad arnt I but cant jump around like I did when was a child so just want to watch the men whith the pecks and the muscles jumping around hehehe again thanks all who replied xxxxx


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