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Spelling problems?

Here's another chance to urge you all to switch to using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer!

Visit and download it free of charge. Of the many great features, one newly added is the spell check. When you're typing into the message box here (or on any website), Firefox checks your spelling as you type, and underlines any words it doesn't recognise in red. You can then right-click them and get a list of suggested spellings.

Give it a try!

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google toolbar gives you spell checker! DOn't use it myself as reminds me of work but is there!


I much prefer firefox to Internet Explorer - I had terrible problems with pop ups until I switched to Firefox.



Have just downloaded firefox as recommended by IT mate as just installed wireless router and he said firefox gives you more protection against pop ups and adware than internet explorer. Have spent most of evening getting used to it, but have to admit, i prefer the features as you can customise it to your own settings - am impressed and so far glad i've made the switch!


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