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What did you do today on mother's day?

Today my hubbie decided to take control of the kids and allow me the one rare day of rest and relaxation. I didn't get to sleep until almost 1am so hubbie didn't wake me at 8 thismorning to do the asthma meds. We have a rule in our house that only 1 adult is allowed to medicate the children and because I have to medicate myself as well I am the one that deals with the children as well. But hubbie dealt with all that today and I was left to sleep in until 11 when I woke myself. Hubbie did the sunday roast and made my favourite lamb with minted potatoes, carrots, cabbage, stuffing and yorkie puds with gravy. He is know bathing the kids for school in the morning and will be doing night-time meds. He even did the laundry, hovering and bed-making.

So what has everyone been up-to today. Hope you all have had a lovely mothering sunday

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Got a cup of tea in bed, went to church with family, washed all the bedding and dried it on line, cooked big roast dinner and home made profiteroles with hot dark chocolate sauce, washed up. Havin a bit of me time now. Going out with Best friend and my Mum on Tuesday for Girly day out, roll on Tuesday!!!My Birthdays Saturday so will probably relax more then.

Happy Mums day, hope yours was more relaxed than mine, did enjoy family meal though



Had lovely day - cooked fab roast beef dinner for lunch - my parents came over and really enjoyed cooking it for my mum :)

Kids made me presents this year - absolutely loved the cake (in the shape of a summer hat), chore promises booklet (I can exchange tokens for extra chores) and a home made woven paper basket. All with home made cards.

Hope you all had lovely mothers days too!


P.S. My first mothers day was classic - I became a mum on mothers day! My husband brought a card in (forward planning - how rare!) so within 2 hours of being a mum I had my first card! Lol!


My kids are grown up now but I remember the home made cards and breakfast trays. Cornflakes with either too little or too much milk.

Older daughter yesterday was proudly showing off card made by her wee one at nursery with MUMMY on the front, written in wobbly crayon. Card had a printed out verse glued on the inside with a teabag taped underneath as a thanks for being a good mummy.


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