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Banks and why I hate them

After my previous bank (15 years with them) decide I wasnt worthy of getting a 3% savings rate on an account I already had,I decide to switch to another one who would give me 3% (like I will get rich on that!!) and would allow me to transfer my existing savings -sound good,except 14 days later and I still havent been given the transfer forms I have telephoned twice for-as the 3% is valid 12 months are they being ""crafty"" in shortchanging me 2 weeks worth of interest ??

my cynical voice says yes

Dante had a special circle of hell reserved for them-I wonder why????????????

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Don't get me started on banks.

No, actually, do.

I have had an account with a large, well known multinational bank and have done since I was about 16. (That's a number of years over ten, for those who know me). For some reason they failed to send me statements -or any other correspondence) for a number of years, and I got passed from pillar to post as one person after another completely failed to a) grasp the issue and b) then failed to do anything else other than tell the computer to send me my mail.

After another spectacular failure by one of their ""Escalation team"" to do anything, I have solved the problem myself. By changing my address online, back to my parents' address, and then, when a confirmation letter arrived at my parents, changing it back to my home address.

Sorted. Now why couldn't the people at this huge multinational figure that out?!


Banks are not scooter friendly!

You need an iron to pay notes and cheques in!

They are not friendly to people with learning diffs as they require you to remeber number combinations!

They are not helpful to people who cannot stand for a long time!

Banking is my worst nighttmare!

Infact mine has now opened a little one that is about 5 miles away from my home so i drive out to that one because i cannot stand the one in town, either i go dizzy from standing in a queue for 30 mins or i get scooter stuck in queue barrier as it not wide enough!


My bank of 16 years failed to tell me my savings interest rate had fallen to 0.10%. I'd stuck with them over the past couple of rocky years but this was the final straw. Went in and closed my account the other day. I was surprised they didn't make a bigger fuss at losing a customer of 16 years. Humph!


And now they have sent me 2 slightly different ISA transfer forms with 2 different return addresses so now I am confused as to which one is correct !-BAH


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