puzzle wil def get brain matter wrkin.... Who needs brain trainin :-)

oh dear god this took me a long time to wrk out but after almost 1 yr trapped in hospital i can safely say my brain is mush.

Took me about 5 hrs of readin and rereadin til i got it anyone better that more or less than 5 hrs like 2 no both extremes and please b honest..... Here goes....

11 was 1 greyhound

22 was 12

1111 race


Scream if u just need to know lol- i very nearly broke to that point a few times. Who needs brain training!

Good luck. Lv kitkat Xx

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  • 15 mins - my brain is still working!


  • well done clever clogs!! Think my brain is bit foggy at the mo lol! Xx

  • Under a minute but suffering from dyslexia might well be an advantage in this case.

  • one or two mins


  • Never heard of spoiler space Twizzel?

  • Sorry, edited out my solution to keep everyone on the case!!


  • thought id post the solution...

    ... so that those who think they've got it can check it and those who cudnt get it are put out of their misery!

    11 was 1 greyhound

    22 was 12

    1111 race


    Solution ...

    One one was one greyhound

    Two two was one two

    One one won one race

    Two two won one two!

  • I am not particulary good at this sort of game, can someone please explain to me how you approach it.

    Many thanks Katina


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