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Very angry with school!

I'm very angry and upset with school. My son doesn't have asthma although I suspect he has cough variant (I had this as a teen and now I'm older I have 'classic' symtptoms apparently) I have been back and forward from the doctors more times than I can remember with him. He's only 4. I phoned them today to make sure nursery had handed in his eye drops he's recently been prescribed and to say if they couldn't administer then I would go in to do it. He really hates it and I feel awful having to put him through it. :(

Whilst on the phone I asked if he coughs much whilst at school as he has a terrible night cough again at the moment to the point where he sounds like he's choking, he gags and his been sick with it too. It's horrible; I cry for him sometimes I hate seeing him like that. :'( Apparently they say he has been coughing for WEEKS! WEEKS they said really casually like its nothing and to the point where he CHOKES and HEAVES goes BRIGHT RED! I cannot believe they haven't informed me! They said they thought I would know! How am I supposed to know I ask he doesn't cough during the day at home!

Sorry for the rant I am so angry they haven't said. I've even asked nursery if school have said anything and they haven't said a word! I can't believe it!

Sorry for the rant, I'm just hoping I haven't cursed him. If I have I don't trust school as far as I could throw them to look after him properly. Or am I over reacting a bit here?! I apologise again I just can't belive they haven't said unless I chase!

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Hi emlou.

Did you tell his teacher your son has a coughing problem

and if he needed to come home they must contact you?

Just wondered as this time of year there are lots of children coughing and

snotty noses and coming down with colds.

If you get a letter of the doc or just do one your self and hand it in to

his teacher and inform the office they must contact you if his cough becomes troublesome xxx

I work in a school and usually schools are really good with medical problems.

hope this helps you.

love Glynis x


Thanks Glynis,

I have asked school to keep an eye out for a cough when he first started school back in September as he can have the most awful cough at night, sometimes during the day usually when having a mad 5 minutes with his dad! I never had any feedback so took it that he wasn't coughing. Nursery do a log for me which I use to go back and forth with to the Docs! Will be going again in the morning now! i do find school really difficult to communicate with. I only phoned to make sure he had his medicine handed in by nursery and to say if need be i would come in to administer as he really hates the eye drops. I think it's taken me by surprise really as when my daughter first started school they wanted to send her home for belly ache; I explained that when she started that when she complained of this she needed the loo. She came home and promptly used the loo and was fine!

At least i can give the GP a more rounded picture in the morning!

*Forget to say I usually find them over cautious which is what I prefer! Then again he did fall a couple of weeks ago and had a massive bump and bruise on his head and I didn't get informed until i rang the next day to ask if they knew what happened! :


Went Docs this morning with little man she thinks he has cough variant asthma. Ventolin and spacer given, bought some stickers let him have a play and he asked to have a go with his puffa. He had a go with the face mask didn't like it much he wanted it off for his second puff and did really well. Looks like I'm going to have to perservere with the face mask.....


emlou.Glad your doctor is treating him.not nice finding out your little man has asthma I bet,hope his cough settles down now on inhaler xxx



He asked if he could have it not long ago as he was coughing and with a few minutes it stopped! I am glad it appears to be working gutted at the same time that it does appear to be asthma! If it works then it's all good! He seems to be comfortable using it - must be the amount of times he's seen me with mine. Doesn't like the mask much, but uses the spacer very well without it. I'm just wondering if he's ok using it without the face mask being 4?

Currently feeling a very relieved mummy! The test will be tonight I imagine! xxx


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