new home!!!

hi guys!!

thank you all sooo much for your concerns and help and support regarding my recent troubles re: housing issues

after horrible week and worse weekend spent in costa :( had a phonecall today and i now have a place to live :)

moving to russell square - pick up keys n signing contract tomorrow :) gonna be sharing with another nurse from work :) yey! . . . . now to finish packing - uneventfully :S hmm.. hant gone too well so far lol

thanks again :)

x x x

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  • yay! So pleased you found somewhere, hope once the move is over the stress will die down a bit and give your lungs a chance. xxx

  • That's great news! I'm so pleased for you. xx

  • knew you could sort it hun, now just take it easy and dont go too made too soon ! I know you !!

    take care

    Snowy xx

  • That's great news - well done. Hope ur feeling a bit better now. Good luck with the move.

  • Great to hear that & good luck with move! Take care of yourself and hope no more costa visits

  • Great news hope the move goes ok.

  • Great News

  • Excellent news - I hope you'll enjoy living there!

  • Great news, and a nice area to live i bet your getting really excited. Hope all goes well for you.Good luck


  • thankyou all for your congrats and well wishes!

    picked up keys and signed contract yesteray and had a look today.

    last night in old place today as off to wales in morning till big move on sunday...

    still not able keep out of costa tho grr... but going ood - 24hrs now ;)

    been told not allowed to do anymore pacing or help with move cos of darn lungs not happy with it so dad doing it :)

    he also paying deposit 300 for me as now on SSP only :'(

    x x x

  • Wahooooooo!!! This is all haPpening fast so pleased for you your almost there hope u can avoid costs and the move goes well xx

  • Good luck in your new home. Russell Square eh! Very nice.

    All the best.


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