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just thought i would say hello only found this site few days ago

great to have somewhere to come and get info and have a chat and a giggle

i have had asthma for about 10 years but its only mild and well controlled

my mum had it to so knew what to expect ,although treatment is so much better now than when my mum was first diagnosed 35 years ago!, hope to get to know some of you as i enjoy the games in here .

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hi dippy and welcome! :o) as you might have gathered, i'm currently costaficated (n hospital) though well on the mend, getting stir crazy and slowly but surely less and less sane ;oP er, yeah, so insanity reigns with me right now. anyway, just thought i'd say hi ...... ""HI!"" :o)



Hi Dippy, welcome to the site. It's full of fun and full of information. If you can't work out some of the code just shout. I am sure someone will tell you.


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