First Day of School

Hi everybody

Well the uniform's ready, washed and ironed, school bag is sitting with pride of place in the living room, pencils are sharpened to perfect points and the care plan's in place and so detailed anyone could follow it.

If everythings sp perfect and so ready, why do I feel so unready. My baby's first day of school is tomorrow and my stomach is in knots. She's been at nursery since she was a baby but this feels so much different. For months I've been looking forward to it and adament that I won't cry or feel nervous but I was so wrong.

My baby's not a baby anymore.



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  • Drop her off, cry buckets when you get home (everyone does) and then sit back drink coffee watch rubbish tv and relax for the first time in years!!!!

    Then you'll realise it's whizzed by you've done nothing feel totaly guilty and you had more time to do stuff when they were at nursery!

  • Hi Anne, So how did the first week go?? School is starting very early for you, I've still got another 2 weeks 5 days till one goes and 3 weeks till other one goes!

  • Hi Julie

    First week of school has been really mixed. She got dragged in kicking and screaming for the first 3 days then all of a sudden decided that she liked it and now she skips in. I was totally shocked though when they sent her home with homework and words to learn on the 3rd day. My little girl must really be growing up now. Probably won't be long before she comes in with homework that I get stuck at.



  • Er Marmite I am the exception to the rule I dropped Mike off, did a wild dance of joy outside the school gates and starting singing the hallajullia chorus at which point the school called the police and had the nutter removed from the school gate. 3.15 never came around so fast! Don't get me wrong I adore my kids (I had 4) but oh boy both me and them were more than ready 6.5 hour apart each day by the time they started school.

    Now they are strapping young people ( I miss them like mad when they are not around, The house seem quiet and there is no-one to make me a cuppa :)


  • Bex - Was trying to be nice and sympathetic you know it's not normally in my nature!!!

    In reality dropped mine at school and went to work trying to do too much in a shorter day ran round like headless chicken achieved nothing rushed home and decided that breakfast and after school club was a necessity after 2 days!

  • aah, it was my last first day of school today (until i start uni), and i am already longing back to summer vacation.

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