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Asthma Anthem

My brain doe very strange things under the guise of distraction wen i'm splatting. For some extremely weird and annoying reason this time i've had the hokey cokey going round in my (!) so I've changed the words and made them more apt for asthma (oh how to occupy yourself in costa). maybe it can be an asthma anthem or maybe someone can think of something better. So for now here's my contribution ... to the tune of The Hokey Cokey...

#With both lungs breathe in

with both lungs breathe out

in, out, in, out,

breathing in and out.

you do the whole thing over and over again

that's what it's all about.

Boooth lungs breathing in and out,

Boooth lungs breathing out and in,

Boooth lungs breathing in and out.

breathe in. breathe out


That's it.

2 Replies

Thanks becky that gave me a well needed chuckle but now cant get it out my head!!

Hope you mend soon


Love Andrea xx


i think it sounds better than the original,i think you should change the title though and make it your own song.

d58 xx


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