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Feelgood prezzies

Now that I've finished crying over Alex's wonderful poem for Snowy, I've been thinking about her recovery and wondering what someone visiting could take to make her feel good.

I've decided I would take some Elderflower presse (if you've never had any, try some, it's lovely and light and flowery and TOTALLY non-alcoholic), a tub of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and a podcast of this week's 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue'.

With a limit of £10, what would everyone else take?

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Kinder Eggs! Might seem silly, but that's what my sister brought me once when I was in Costa and they really cheered me up - choc and silly toys some of which are actually quite fun, especially if you get a little motorised car but only have the over bed table to run it on - oops!!


Fab idea! I think homemade cookies as a snack, small bunch flowers (if allowed or fake) for brightness, writing stuff if bad voice esp after intubation, defo favourite refreshing drink, magazine to flick through and read on/off - less concentration than a book.

I did a 'hospital survival' kit once for someone that was in for a while & included toiletries, hairband, shawl/scarf etc.


My DD asked for trashy mags, toiletries and a puzzle mag with pen.


it'd have to be a selection of home made goodies from me. i love to bake and make fudge so a gift basket with a variety of treats in it.

Geina x


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