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Eye test

I went for a eye test yesterday. I need glasses for reading, driving & watching tele. I'm not too bad so i'll probably get away with not buying any for a while.

I also have a haemorrhage behind my right eye ball. It doesn't hurt, just aches abit. Amazing really when you think about it. We walk round thinking were ok, but who knows what goes on in then human body. I've got to go and see the docs on monday. I've also got a letter from the optician for me to be refered to see the eye specialist.

Wish i'd never of gone now!!!

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I have to see the eye consultant - you may want to check before you go if they are planning on putting some drops in your eyes as there are some drops they put in that mean you can barely see for 4 hours afterwards


The specialist is in Coventry. I hate driving in big places so my OH will take me if im have to go. The docs will check for diabetes, blood pressure & cholesterol.

I don't thinks its anything to worry about. Just a coincidence i haven't had a eye test since i was at school 18 years later i have a test and they find a bleed.

I can't believe how expensive glasses are!!!!!


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