Happy anniversary to me :O

Two years ago today i got the official diagnosis of asthma, great news. Some of you may thin but why was that good news. Well the two months leading upto that magnificent day was what I can only say is I know how many of you who live with asthma and can't get control of it feel like. It was a struggle to move, sitting in the chair felt like if had that elephant on my chest. The first docs visit he wasn't worried about it being anything too serious but ran all the tests, ECG, Bloods, CXR and drew a blank, literally that was it he had no answer and lucky I wondered about it being asthma after realising what triggered the symptoms and followed it up with research. Out came the little blue puffer that was to me then all asthma was. I knew nothing of varying degrees or the many treatments available. That little blue plastic thing became my best friend, I started to get my life back, but it wasn't until the spirometry that anyone knew just how bad I was, and the annoying and yes I did get pissed off with the running back and forth adding different inhalers but I hind site I was lucky and the first choices worked just had to keep adding extra, even though the spirometry indicated I needed them. Did life return to normal, well not entirely. Winters are a real killer, the cold dry air and I tend to pick up colds that I previously was immune to, otherwise with care yes things are back to pre asthma days, just as long as I pop the pill and huff and puff and use the puffy things morning and night.

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  • hi woody-som.

    you help with asthma info is brill and your very knowlegeable.

    and life can be better if get the right med combination x

    happy Anniversary hope its a better winter or you . x

  • Happy anniversary Woody. Glad u only got 2 candles to blow out. This site wood be boring without ur imput or knowledge Keep up good work.... Gussy

  • Happy Anniversary Woody, are you getting Asthma a cake? you'll have to eat it as may make Asthma bad ;)

  • Happy Anniversary lol. xx

  • Rattles, yeh u can make a cake, just not lemon/lime please...chocolate, carrot or more suitable fruit cake like me LOL,, Just collect but will give gussypoo's pink wicker basket a miss, think it may clash with the aerospace titanium bike

  • ok will make you a cake, triple chocolate brownie cake is probably best, can eat it hot or cold!will avoid lemon especially lime!!!!


  • forgot to mention gussypoos lovely basket, just need a pink bike to go with it!

  • It's all the fashion now !!!!! I know u want one!!!!! Woody is ordering it in lemon !!!!!

  • yeh, thought I might brand it in AUK livery and sell them, know you want one for the neb, look very fetching on your bike.

  • Oh bugger gussypoo has it in pink, I will have a pale blue one x

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