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Credit card disputes part 2

Despite having ,eventually,had my previous 2 disputed transactions ""sorted"",I have now got my latest statement with a whacking £850 payment to Newham Council on it !!!!!!

-this isnt going to do my stress levels any good at all!

the credit card company,s customer services cant deal with it directly; I have to put it in writing (again!),so it will be another 6 weeks of hassle to get it sorted .

-being in a narky mood,I asked the customer service advisor if she was going to cancel the current card bearing in mind what appears to be be happening-never seemed to enter her head to advise that??!!


-sorry to rant!

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Cloned card?


I'm frankly amazed that they didn't cancel and re-issue the card the last time you contacted them. Once a card is cloned, this will keep happening until that card is cancelled.

Perhaps now is the time to switch to a different credit card company?


Yes,the stupid card company tried to make out that the first lot of disputed charges MUST have been genuine since they were made through a secure transaction-a password or CV2 had been used-but even then I was telling them although that may have been true,I was not the person doing the transaction-obviously whoever got away with it first time is now getting cocky-all these ""transactions"" have been London based and the only time I have used a card directly involving London was to book 3 nights at the Chelsea village hotel at Stamford Bridge-another reason to hate Chelsea!!!


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