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Pain management (pain killers )

Hi guys just after some opinions really

I. Few years ago well getting on towered ten years now actually ! I suffered from a nasty fall in which I landed on my hands and knees on a gravel footpath, my left knee came off the worst as the gravel dug in and.broke right throughout all of the skin I was on a family holiday at the time so saw a holiday camp nurse who advised that mam just patched me up and it eventually heeled about a month later on return to my home town mam showed go the damaged knee during a routine appointment for other probs ! Gp said the site nurse should of referee to a and e to be checked and stitched unfortunately now deeply healing it was too late go did say I may experience some discomfort occasionally because of a small chip In knee cap. Basically that's the history and now I'm having an awful lot of pains and aches in that area. The problem I'm searching for an answer for is should I go back to go ten years in and say its causing lots of pain especially after working a long shift or should I just lump it don't want to waste time or seem silly !!

Also what alternatives do you people use to paracetMol ? Just doesnt seem to work for me anymore

Thanks x

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hi liltinx,I have knee probs and take Tramadol. I have OA In them and most joints. Had knee opps on them both.knee caps thin now and could break and relinement surgary and latteral release done. My advice would get it checked out and ask for the xray that shows behind knee cap. xxx


Definitely see your GP now. If you leave it, it will only get worse and might be more difficult to treat.

For pain killers, I use Co-Codomol VERY sparingly.


I agree with Annista. The quicker you get it seen to, the quicker your mind will be put at rest and you can get treatment. I always feel like Im wasting my GPs time and tend to leave things but treating things quickly is easier. Go see you GP and get it sorted and they will be able to advise on painkillers etc. Hope you feel better soon!



Yep i agree you need to see your gp. Its not good for you to struggle on taking painkillers that dont work.

Personally, i use prescrbed pain relief every day & couldnt manage without them. There are side effects & im not totally pain free, but i still think you should see doc.


i have pain all of the time so i know how depresssing it can get. i take tramadol every day along with lots other medication but even that only takes the edge of the pain but you are only young and your doc should be able to advise if xrays are needed or if physio might be better, but there should be no need for you to struggle on in pain xxx


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