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How do you normally spend Christmas day and boxing day and new year ?

Morning usually up early and open the presents from around the tree with family.

Inlaw round for a bit and and a drink and mince pie.

Laughing about with son""s.

xmas Dinner, then at night round to party at my mums.

This year it will be the same but going sons and gf for xmas dinner.

Boxing day family come ours for dinner and a drink and get a quiet boxing day night.

Then next day round my sisters for a party and next day party at inlaws .

Then party at other sisters and then down ours for a party.

God its hard to keep up ,we are party animals and a close family.

Lot of eat !!! drink !!! and merry!!!

New year out for a meal and home by 11 to get ready let the new year in with a thick head !!!

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It will start with my ex and I trying to be nice to each other for the sake of the kids.And hopefully lots of alcohol to get me through the day while i try not to burn the duck.boxing day much the same but hope to go away with friends for new year :D

Hope you have a fab Christmas Glynis, it sounds fab xxx


At home

We normally have a big fry up for breakfast, cause dinner isn't until 5 or 6.

C,hurch then hot whiskey to keep the cold at bay.

I a'm vegetarian do we have salmon, and copious amounts of alcohol to wash it all down.

We watch endless tv when we can't ready any more.

Boxing day us spent having a good walk to make room for

More food. friends who couldn't make christmas day come for drinks on boxing day.

and I know it sounds childish but christmas isn't christmas without my selection box!


Afraid I am a Christmas Pooper,do what ever I can to avoid Christmas Day with family, just find it too stressful deciding which parents to visit on Christmas Day/Boxing Day. So several years ago hubby and I made a vow that Christmas is a time for just us and Lottie Dog (And any other dog that needs a walkies). So Christmas Day we have a lie in, then (providing I am feeling fit enough) we go out for a nice long walk for several hours with Lottie Dog, sometimes taking friends' dogs who are away visiting family. Evening time I cook a nice meal and we relax together watching the goggle box and cuddling Lottie Dog. New Year's Eve we both like to hire a load of DVDs and sit on the sofa with a load of munchies vowing that they will be our last as our famous new year resolution will be, must watch the waist line.


Tormented by the mother in law !!!!!


Crying as I lost my Granda on 21st December 2000 and my Granny on Boxing Day 2007 :(.....


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