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Worried about a pet

Calling all others out there who own and love cavys. One of my guinea pigs has been looking off colour and has been really quiet. I have noticed he has had the runs and has only eaten and drunk small amounts. He has an appointment at the vet on wednesday, but wondering if theres anything i can do in the meantime to keep my poor little friend comfortable

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I would keep him on food only no veg and water

If hes out side try to bring him in and out of drafts.

if no better try ring the vets monday if can see him/her



he's an indoor piggie, have been keeping a very close eye on him and he has been eating small amounts of food and drinking a little and when we cleaned out the cage he was playing happily with Patch. I have never been so happy to see guinea pig poopies


I love guinea pigs .

We had 2 and had babies and also Emma and Jemma.

just been on google and they give you lots of info about them if they arnt to well xxx


Same, both Patch and Alphonse are my babies. When I'm poorly theyre always there with a cuddle and that cute teeth clicking thing they do what theyre happy, such amazingly peaceful creatures and so social.


Long ago when I was a school science technician, first thing in the morning we checked the animals. Always shouted 'Good Morning' to the guinea pigs as went through their room. Loved the chatter we got back from them. Hope your baby is ok.


just gave him a nice bath and clipped his claws now hes curled up asleep in my lap, he managed to drink and eat a bit today, poor little thing. Patch is fine and happy, if not a little envious of the little one getting so much fuss



As a guinea pig owner and someone who fosters piggies my main advise is to get him to the vets asap, the runs can be very serious in piggies. Get him off veg and give him lots of fluids and hay. Do you have a pet shop near you if so get some pro-c and add it to their water.

Keep him warm and free from draughts as well.

Feel free to pm me



Hey everyone, thanks for the support. We took Alphonse to a PDSA Vet Aid Hospital this afternoon. He has a bowel infection and has been given some antibiotics and special recovery food to syringe in to him. Needless to say he wasn't too impressed by all this, when he had his injection, we could hear him in the other room squealing in protest!

Take him back tomorrow and see what they say, but he is already looking much brighter and happier


Thats good to hear have they shown how to syringe feed a piggy. What ever you do don't tip the piggy upside down to feed it otherwise you risk getting fluid into its lungs.

theguineapigforum.co.uk is a great website for advice


Glad to hear he's picked up a bit - fingers crossed he's on the mend :)

We have three piggies all with very different characters but all equally loving and talkative. For such small animals I am amazed at the volume of their squeaking. Lol.

I love it when they snuffle and do the twitchy nose teeth moving thing and they always look like they understand everything you tell them.

Let jus know how he gets on.

Rach. x



Agreed about the noise they can create one of mine Sparky loves to compete with the vacuum cleaner and the loo flushing!!


try giving him cucumber

if he isnt drinking much, that'll still get fluids into him :)


Glad your piggywig is on the mend and getting lots of TLC X


he loves cucumber! as well as sprouts and banana skin, hes such a sweet pig and its good to see my little one picking up so well. He managed 2 syringes of feed before bed, and some water, and hes been nibbling his hay.

I love the noises they make, its so sweet, whenever i come in with a carrier bag, our 2 squeak to see if theres something in the bag for them.


Syringe feeding

OK I have to feed my little one with a syringe and he hates it and fights it everytime, any ideas to make this easier for the little one, and means i dont end up with feed all over me?


Sometimes it can be really hard to syringe feed a piggy, my Prince Harry had to be syringe fed and though he was very poorly and coming to the end of his life he fought. I found that sitting him on the sofa and me on the floor so I was on the same level when feeding helped and I only gave tiny bits at a time. Sometimes wrapping in towels helps but paws still escape. Sometimes putting a couple of fingers under the lower jaw and gently and slightly lifting his head and then syringing help (until he employed his teeth!)

Hope this helps

With regards to bags Sparky love to explore the contents of carriers more than once I have witnessed my shopping scattered around my hallway and a cucumber being dragged across the floor. Unfortunately he has also got into rubbish bags and nearly been thrown with the rubbish.


i know that one, so far I found a lot of coaxing and kissing him when he had eaten some helped him a bit. And oh those teeth come sharp, he gave me a squeal earlier that reminded me so much of a child saying ""MOOOOOMM


Sadly, we lost our sweet little Alphonse yesterday, he was a fighter to the end and will be missed


Sincere condolences to you, on the loss of Alphonse.


Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

-Anatole France.


Sorry to hear about Alphonse - I know how really upsetting it is to lose a pet. xxx


To Alphonse and everyone here.

It's been 2 weeks since we lost our baby. I miss him so very much and he will always be remembered as the bright little star he was, his inquisitive nature and the lovely noises he used to make when we were around. He was loved by everyone who knew him and was always there when I needed a listening ear, along with his cage-mate Patch.

We recently adopted 2 young pups, named Hope and Gizmo. They are wonderful creatures and are doing Patch the world of good. Hope, my pink eyed white, is so sweet and there are things that he does that remind me so much of Alphonse when he was at that age, and those things really make me smile. My heart is healing at last and I know that Alphonse knew what I chose to do for him was the biggest and most caring thing I could have done, as it would have been wrong of me to have let him suffer the way he was. I set him free from the pain in the ultimate gesture of love, and I know he would be proud of me today, and every other day when things go wrong, I pick myself up and get moving again.

I wanted to post here as a way of celebrating the life of a beloved pet, and thank everyone here for the support and kindness you have all given me over the time I have used this forum. The friends I have made, and the people who have really touched my life in a way that their mark will always stay in my heart.

When I was sick and in hospital last week in what was one of my worst and most scarier attacks to date, it was the support of you all that got me through all of this. The emotional stress of grief and the fact I never allowed myself to feel things because I was scared of what that would mean for those around me. It all caught up to me in the end and it opened my eyes and made me realise something about everything. We all have angels who watch over us, and Alphonse is now among them.

Sleep Tight little man



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