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Keep hope forever

Do you know what Hope is?

It's magic and it's free

It's not in a prescription

It's not in an IV

It punctuates our laughter

It sparkles in our tears

It simmers under sorrows

It dissipates our fears

Do you know what Hope is?

It's reaching past today

It's dreaming of tomorrow

It's trying a new way

It's pushing past impossible

It's pounding on the door

It's questioning the answer

It's always seeking more

It's rumors of a break

It's whispers of a cure

A roller coaster ride

Of remedies, unsure

Do you know what Hope is?

It's candy for the soul

It's perfume for the spirit

To share it makes you a whole

Keep Hope Forever Until We Find A Cure.

2 Replies

Takesmybreathaway that is brilliant. Thank you.



That is fab .

Did you write it?


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