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Film Quiz

1 Name the actor who plays Harry Potter in the films?

2 Who does the voice of Dougal in the Magic Roundabout film?

3 What is the name of the Squirrel in the Film Ice Age?

4 What is the name of Mr and Mrs Incredibles’ son in the film The Incredibles?

5 Name the actor who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter films?

6 Name the actor who played Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter film “The Goblet of Fire”

7 Who plays Lizzie McGuire in the film “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”?

8 Who does the voice the of “Marty” the Zebra in the film “Madagascar”?

9 Who does the voice of Wallace in the film “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”

10 How many Agent Cody Banks films have there been?

11 Who plays Willy Wonka in the latest Film of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

12 What is the name of the Dad Clownfish in “Finding Nemo”?

13 Complete the name of this film “Scooby Doo and the Monster of _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

(6 letters)

14 What is the name of the recently released Herbie film?

15 What is the name of the recently released Star wars film?

16 What is the name of the blue tang fish in “Finding Nemo”?

17 Who is the main hero in the cartoon film called “Robots”

18 Who does the voice of the talking donkey in the film “Shrek”?

19 Who is the main villan in the film “Spiderman 2” ?

20 Name the actor who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films?

5 Replies

Wiily Wonka

Only answer I know is to Wiily Wonka

Gene Wilder.


Ooh, films! Me likes them.

1 - Daniel Radcliffe

5 - Emma Watson

6 - I think that was Brendan Gleeson - I'm not going to cheat and look it up!

9 - Peter Sallis

11 - Gene Wilder played Willy Wonka in the original film. Johnny Depp played him in the latest.

14 - Herbie Reloaded, I think (woe is me for even thinking I know that...)

18 - Eddie Murphy

20 - Rupert Grint

I think that's enough to be getting on with!


If anyone does want the answers let me know and I can post or pm them. My son does quizzes for a magazine so I have a few of these including James Bond one if you ever wish to test your knowledge Steve : )


Ooooh, yes please!!


SPOILER SPACE!!! Vicky is verrry boerd and answered alll questions!

1. Daniel Radcliff

2. Robbie williams

3. Scrat

4. They have Two-Dash and Jack Jack

5. Emma Watson

6. Brendan Gleeson

7.Hilary Duff

8. Chris Rock

9. Peter Sallace

10. 2

11. Gene Wilder


13. Mexico

14. Herbie Fully Loaded

15. Revenge of the sith


17. Rodney Copperbottom

18.Eddie Murphy

19.Doc Oct.

20Rupert Grint.

Noooo-I did not just give Out to Peaksteve for paying to Much attention to films!!! haha


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