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Was trying to find this topic to have a moan but cant find so started again just so can whinge as didnt want to post depressing one on campingmas its its birthday!!!

Why do people insists on spraying the strongest, cheapest deodrants and purfumes while in hospital!!! They think they have bad chest but can cope with tha!!1 well dispite being told and posters up everywhere that this respiritory ward doent allow flowers or aerosols people still do andknow thanksto them ive just had a big splat! Its not much to ask, they able to go the bathroom so could spray ther, i havent got that yet, thanks to 2ivs a sub cut high o2 and a caheter!! so hence now on back to back nebs ant freezing everyone out with all windows open to try clear the air.


Andrea xxxx

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hi andrea know how you feel three weeks ago same situaion but it was hair spray harmany might as well have been poison reacted same way as you ask ward if they have a fan [put it right next to your face see if that helps the lady who used the hair spray would not talk to me after i was ill some people can just be so insensitive and think that we are over reacting yet are lungs no we are not hope you feel better soon rachel c


I Havent encountered much perfum or that Lynx stuff recently but a bathroom full of airborne talc is horrid. At least there is now a flower ban on my regular ward - saves me anoyoing people when I ask them to remove the lillies!

Hope you have unsplatted .... and culprit is suitably frozen !

Take care




Think might be the sme inconsiderate person who interrupted the 3 nurses and 2 dr's dealing with my major perfume induced splat during my last admission to ask them to unplug one of my machines (monitor, pump, nebuliser etc) so could plug in hair dryer........

Moan away hope your imrpoved and have nabbed all the extra blankets to let the rest freeze!


I have the same problem with perfumes, deoderant sprays, after shave etc. Only I'm the nurse and not the patient. We have a lily ban and other high pollen and strong scented flowers but is against patient rights to ban deoderant sprays etc. I just have to leave the bay when they are using it. Not so easy for those of you tied to a bed. Hope you are managing to keep warm with all the windows open Andrea.

Love Ange xx


omg! i totally know what you mean! after PE at my school (when i'm already having trouble) people insist on spraying aerosol, deodrant and perfume in the chnging room! arrgh! my god, it actually trigger a pretty major attack one day! stupid people... worst bit is when they won't stop!


Stupid man last nite nearly blocked my tunnel with the strongest cheapest lynx imitation ever smelt!! nite of back to back nebs etc and made it!!! Its so horrible when you know its gonna happen and cant do anything? when your in hosp or somewhere you can get away!!

andrea xxx


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