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Altered signs!!

Saw two signs or signages that have been altered this week.....

Dog & Partridge Underpass = Dog & Partridge Underpants ( With stickers!!) seen on a road sign in Essex.

On the side of an Ambulance

East of England Ambulance ........ = Last of England Ambulance ... Someone had picked bits of the 'E'!

Any more???? Please keep it clean though!!


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Local pub is called the Flying Horse. Name written in individual letters on the side of the building. One day, they found someone had pinched the L and the Y.

You can work out for yourself why the pub landlord wasn't very happy. LOL.


GrannyMo - ROFL! That's fantatic.

Not for altered signs, but just bad ones, take a look at my collection:


It's not really a sign, but something I've seen in a hospital is one of the Patslides, having part of the ""P"" scraped off. it resembled an F...

You work that one out...


Was that the one we saw at the JR VIcky?

I saw a 'Please give up your seats to those less able to stand...' changed to 'Please eat those less able to stand...'


Indeedy Becca. Or ""This button is not a light


Peaksteve, those are brilliant. Had me laughing out loud and almost rolling off the sofa.

Here's that one I mentioned, should be the second photo down.



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