Altered signs!!

Saw two signs or signages that have been altered this week.....

Dog & Partridge Underpass = Dog & Partridge Underpants ( With stickers!!) seen on a road sign in Essex.

On the side of an Ambulance

East of England Ambulance ........ = Last of England Ambulance ... Someone had picked bits of the 'E'!

Any more???? Please keep it clean though!!


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  • Local pub is called the Flying Horse. Name written in individual letters on the side of the building. One day, they found someone had pinched the L and the Y.

    You can work out for yourself why the pub landlord wasn't very happy. LOL.

  • GrannyMo - ROFL! That's fantatic.

    Not for altered signs, but just bad ones, take a look at my collection:

  • It's not really a sign, but something I've seen in a hospital is one of the Patslides, having part of the ""P"" scraped off. it resembled an F...

    You work that one out...

  • Was that the one we saw at the JR VIcky?

    I saw a 'Please give up your seats to those less able to stand...' changed to 'Please eat those less able to stand...'

  • Indeedy Becca. Or ""This button is not a light

  • Peaksteve, those are brilliant. Had me laughing out loud and almost rolling off the sofa.

    Here's that one I mentioned, should be the second photo down.


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