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Just a rant

why cant people leave well enough alone. I leave that bike at the college bike rack 3 days a week and its always been fine. But not today. Some considerate person has decided to buckle my front wheel for me, rendering my shiny 6 month old bike useless until i can afford to buy a new wheel.

Is there any way i can bring these people to justice as this was no accident as my speedo connector was moved and the bike was put back exactly as i left it.

sorry to moan, its just so frustrating as riding my bike was that little bit of pleasure i looked forward to

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Sorry about your bike, have you managed to get it repaired yet? THink you're very brave riding one these days. I used to cycle all over London but don't think I would have the courage to go anywhere far at the moment the wasy a lot of car drivers when near a bike.


hey angela, i'm currently still in the process of truing my wheel myself, which is no easy job when you have to take out all the spokes hammer the rim then respoke lol!

I cycle because everything in Redditch is so locallised, plus this town rewards cyclists with its amazing downhills and long flats :D

i think if more people cycled issues such as carbon emmissions could be reduced, plus the excercise is great and if like me you have bad asthma, you can go nice and easy :)

Plus i like to race the cars downhill, damn near beat a bus, until it came to the uphill!!


ok maybe some things can't be done, after all of that working hammering and screwing, the wheel is just too buckled and can't be trued. Thats a shame, but fortunately ive priced up a new 26 inch alloy wheel which with some good fortune will match the back wheel nicely for £22.99. (yes i know a wheel is a wheel, but i'm too proud to have one silver rim with a black one!! They have to match!)

Does anyone hold a Halfords maitenence plan? and how good is it?

Lets get ole bolero back on her wheels lol


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