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does anyone belong 2 this site i recently signed up because alot of my friends had and were telling me 2 do so. well anyway just had very upsetting experience i joined a group called uk asthma was talking 2 someone who seemed very nice and then started talking about my asthma they started getting very abusive saying i needed 2 get up and go out 2 work this person does not no me at all and how badly my asthma effects my day 2 day life. sorry its just upset me alot and wanted 2 get my anger out sumwhere!!! ill stick 2 this place from now on the people r much more friendly!

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I have been a member of it for years, and the same rules for all kind of interaction on internet goes for facebook as well. There are all kinds of people out there, and don't trust any of them. I only talk to people i know there, and thats mainly what it is for, to interact with your friends online.


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Hi Clare, thanks for drawing our attention to this.

As a quick disclaimer: This Facebook group is NOT an official Asthma UK group and as such is not affiliated to AUK in any way. It may be worth pointing out that one of the members of this Facebook group has been permanently banned from this forum.

Facebook is a great site, we're members of it and have been for a while, but as Haagendaaz says there are no restrictions to membership and no real moderation.

We'd also encourage you to make a formal complaint to Facebook if you feel you have been abused by a member of their site.



hi cathbear thanks for ur reply the group had the AUK logo i should learn not 2 trust everyone! i shall indeed look into reporting this person to facebook.


Indeed, the use of the Asthma UK logo and Asthma UK name without permission seems a deliberate attempt to make the group look like an official one.

It most certainly is not, and I believe Asthma UK are currently taking steps to get their intellectual property (the name and logo) removed from the group, as this is against UK and US copyright laws.


You'll hopefully be please to know that the Facebook group in question has now been deleted.

Asthma UK are looking to start an official group on Facebook very shortly - I'll post on here to let you all know when it happens and where to find it!


woohoo! thanks steve. thats exciting 2 hear about a group on facebook ill look forward 2 it thanks again.


The person who set up this group used to be a member of this site but was blocked more than once I would advise people not to join this (the one on face book ) group as the person in question is not very nice and can be very abusive


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