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cream eggs all round

HI to alljust a quick thanks you to all for you support and cyber hugs and cream eggs!just thought I should be sending cream eggs out to least 3 at a time!enjoying being at home and trying to be very good and stick by the rules.enjoy cream eggsalso shovels supplied to all those who need to dig themselves out of costa.reagrds to allSarah

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hi parys, glad you doing ok - ty for the creme eggs. look forward to seeing you in chat soon


Sarah...glad u escaped and are doing well.

Take care

Emily x


Oh oh oh, TY Parys I found the little spade in mine!



Ahhhh! No! Please don't tease!

It's 11pm and I'm starving and attempting 2 b on a diet!

must have....creme egg.....


do you think virtual eggs count in terms of giving up choccy for lent?? i think i'd better steer clear, just in case. i'll save them up for easter morning!


Talking of the dreaded eggs i have just bought 24 of the pesky things for my brownies) as they were on special offer in Woolies, but now they are shouting at me to be eaten!! Think i might take them round to one of my leaders homes for the safe storage!!

bex- i hope u found the mini spade b4 u choked on it!

Parys - glad u home now and hope u continue to improve.


Shadowcat - give in and repeat after me.......creme eggs must be eaten once a day.......

Darn - we don't have woolies in cambridge - must find nearest one. wheres the phone book????

hopalongkp hope that that you haven't eaten them all yet!


Seen as it is Easter i thought this would be very appropriate. Cream egggs on me, we had loads left over in our shop yesterday so I was told to take as many home as I want. he he


Steph xx


no cream eggs here - but bacon sarnies instead!!!

a fellow patitent in costa went down to get bacon sarnies for breakfast. so easter started well.

happy easter all.

love jen

ps i have started digging out but am on the 6th floor so have a way to go


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