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Whasssssup fellow wheezers

Just thought I,d see how you all were,I got (bad english or what??) a secondment to work in the States for a few months but I was dying to get back for the election and for the last footie games of the season and for a decent cup of ""char"" and for England in the Springtime-my favourite month-anyhow,hope you have all been well -I have a mountain of junk mail and junk virtual mail to catch up on as you can imagine but I,m looking forward to all the new ""games"" that seem to have appeared-Good to be back.

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Hello Bluejam, welcome back! Wow the States! Am glad you are back safely, long time no post.. How is your asthma? All the footie matches you have missed bud, never mind soon be the World Cup. Hull have not had the best of seasons, that's a bit of an understatement but never mind.

I bet your first real cup of char tasted delicious! Take good care bud, talk soon, love Lo xxxx


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