Hopefully a giggle for you all

Text my mum today to tell her I'd been sent home from work and hour later she called and was like are you ok? Is it the asthma? Are you I'll? Did you hurt yourself? Needless to say I couldn't answer any questions cos she was asking so many so fast hehe probably should of said in my text that I'd been sent home because I wasn't needed hehe felt sorry for her cos u was obviously worried and managed to do the same for a very close friend wooooooops!!

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  • parents worry mine does over silly things

  • Hehe I also ment to add to my as I ""ran"" to grab the phone bashed my foot on sofa very sore toes now :(

  • ow its made me smile after the few days i had

  • mine lives 150 miles away, but has phoned me 96 million times the past two days to check i was resting... well, i would be if i didn't have to keep answering the phone!!

  • Aww bless her! Thats really sweet! My mums the same...actually my close friends and family are all like that and if Im not feeling great - everyone gets worried about me. So sweet though!

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