Daytime nap

Anyone else feel the need to nap during the day ??

I usually wake around 7.15am when everyones getting ready for school and work and get up around 8am in time to see everyone off for the day! I work evenings and weekends so I'm a house person most dayimes however I usually feel tired around 12ish as if I need to have a nap ! The last few days I've been feeling it around this time as well! I dont usually allow mysel to sleep as I worry I will further disrupt sleeping at night !

If anyone else feels this need to sleep during the day do you sleep? Roes it disrupt night time sleeping?

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  • Hi.

    I usually have a nap at some point in the afternoon when I am not working. It doesn't affect my night sleep very often. There are times when I feel so tired in the afternoons that if I don't sleep I feel sick. The only problem is that when I wake up I feel like the living dead for an hour or so because my body thinks it early in the morning and not mid-afternoon.


  • Funnily enough, over the last week or so I've been wilting at about 3:00 in the afternoon. I usually manage to stay awake until I get home from work and then crash out in my armchair for an hour.

  • for the last few weeks i been having very lil sleep at all. then over past 3 days i een having lil sleep at nite then lil catnaps in day as well... lol


  • Yes I have always liked a daytime nap! I went through a stage of whatever time of day I watched neighbours I fell asleep.

    If you are worried about sleeping for too long in the daytime maybe jsut have a 20/30 min 'power nap'.

  • I don't nap (make-up, contact lenses, too much effort though have been known to sit in a daze), but have heard 15 minutes is the best length for it if you do. Though not sure how you time this to allow for falling-asleep time...

  • I usually have to crash out in the afternoon, i only work til about 1pm but find that s enough to really wear me out. At work im on my feet most of the time so shattered, i dont know how some people on here work full time. I dont think i could do it now. Also a really good excuse to get out of the housework (devious or wot) he he

  • Love my afternoon nap after work while house quiet and my cat snuggles up to me!

  • Good to know I'm not the only sleepyhead around hear ok well if u guys all nap maybe I'll give in and allow myself a short nap before work see how it goes

    Thanks for you answers ect xx

  • I often have an afternoon nap - fall asleep watching daytime TV. Sometimes I sleep for 2/3 hours so that's more than a 'nap'. Rarely affects my night time sleep. I dont know why I get so tired, maybe it's an asthma thing??

  • I do feel tired too and need a daytime nap. I thought it was just a cultural thing, here in the place in Argentina where Im from naping is a common thing but its seems to be that it is an asthma thing too. anyone knows why do we feel tired everynow and then?

  • This is a relief - was beginning to wonder if feeling out for the count was something else, especially as I don't really have a diagnosis. I get horrendously tired if I try to do too much ('too much' being sometimes just a shortish shopping trip). Have also felt very weird for last couple of days and wondering if it was related to weather and breathing etc. Ugh I want a refund...

  • your definately not alone in needing naps. i used to sleep all of the time (any time any place, i could sleep on a washing line) but my sleep patterns are now all over the place and dont sleep well at night as im either too sore or wheezing and coughing so if i sit still for any length of time during the day i sleep-unfortunately if im not woken up i will just sleep and sleep and sleep....would love to know how other people wake after a short cat nap lol

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