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Euromillions unreal jackpot - what would you do?

Euromillions jackpot is now £166m after rollover last night. Assuming you a) had a ticket and b) won what would do with that stupendous amount of money? Think I'd try and keep it quiet. Not sure I would want to move but a holiday home or two, new car, not having to work would be great, definately a few mystery donations, holiday.... Even 1% of 1% would do for me right now

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Oh TJ, there's so much I'd like to do if I only had the money! I'd like a larger home (I live in a one bedroom flat) with a garden, and I'd love to stop working full time. I'd want to give my family some money to play with, and I'd like to take friends and family travelling (first class)as a thank you for the support I've received when my asthma has been really difficult.

Finally, I'd like to be in position to give some money away, not only to charities but to people who need a bit of help. I brought my children up on benefits because my ex-husband wouldn't pay maintenance and I occasionally received a bit of help from friends and family - small things such as a roasting joint for the weekend - which really made me feel good, so I'd like to be able to pass that feeling on to other people.

Not very ambitious, I know, but maybe it would make me feel good.


buy new car, house and retire early and then give some money to charity including AUK of course! :D


I would love to travel - not worry about insurance etc... see a bit of the world

I would also love to help my family out...make sure they would be comfortable

I love my home but I would like to pay my mortgage wouldn't have to worry about work.

Lots of things but its not going to happen so I will make the most of what I have.


Pay off mortgage. Help my sister and some people I know who are struggling. Also money to our local church and to AUK of course (fund the Kick Asthma hols). We don't buy lottery tickets but I can dream...


omg i would love to win the lottery- whoever said money doesnt make you happy has never been poor. i would set my teen up for life, give some to charity and family and make sure that i could actually afford to buy decent fruit and veg (have you seen the flamin prices at the minute-shocking). having said all of that i havent been able to put the lottery on since it changed to more than one ticket as its too confusing so no chance of me winning lol x


I would move abroad and set up my own business to keep me busy. Never have a problem with my asthma abroad! Id just be happy to pay off my 20k student loan from Uni to be honest! x


Hmm, so many things!

*Hire really good financial adviser who can tell me best way of arranging things.

*Buy a house - NO more letting agents, no mortgage and the pick of what I want where I want it. Also buy brother/parents house if they want one and any other stuff they have always wanted to do but is too expensive.

*Bankroll the family business we're trying to set up - and immediately quit my other job.

*Fund studies. No worries about train fares, fees etc!

*Visit my friend in the US and do some general travelling.

*Learn to drive and buy a car (yes, I still have not learned how to drive).

*Hire a cleaner

*And, of course, charities! So many - def. AUK, some music charities as well (in fact, could combine them, isn't there a charity which gives lessons on wind instruments to kids with asthma? I think that's a great cause along with many others of course). Massive list of ones I'd like to give to meaningfully, including maybe some local ones.


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